How do we choose the right translator for your assignment?

With 45,000 translation projects completed every year, we are used to finding the right translator for each assignment. Naturally, our own database – which currently includes over 1,200 freelance translators – is invaluable in this context. We also work in partnership with more than 300 translation agencies around the world.

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The translators in our database always meet our basic requirements:

  • translation training and at least two years of documented translation experience, or
  • equivalent linguistic competence plus at least two years of documented translation experience, or
  • at least five years of documented translation experience.

In the vast majority of cases, we require our translators to have the target language as their native language, and to live in the country where the translation will be used. Within the public sector in Sweden, however, we disregard the native language requirement and instead ensure that an additional review of the translation is carried out. In these cases, it is more important for the translator to have knowledge of Swedish society and the workings of various Swedish authorities than to have Swedish as their native language.

The translators we work with must also have technical expertise. The requirements we place vary according to the format of the source file, in other words the original document that will be translated, and the software in which the translation will be completed. Even a document that appears to consist purely of text will probably include various types of tags and codes containing information, and it is essential that these are kept – and if necessary adapted – in the translation. It is also important for language-specific characters to be correct.

The translator must also have the subject expertise required for the assignment. Each translator’s profile in our database includes information about his or her specialist expertise, such as subject areas in which the translator has a degree or extensive professional experience, or in which the translator has previously translated at least 100,000 words. For example, several of our translators have a legal or medical degree, and many of them have carried out in-depth language studies. Our database also includes details of our translators’ interests, such as fashion, fencing, opera, agility, needlework, competing in triathlons or gaming – everything we might need in order to find exactly the right translator for each translation.

Another important advantage when assigning jobs is whether the translator has experience of the customer. Here, we try to have a team of translators for all customers with regular needs to ensure that we always have translators available.

Semantix’s vendor managers work tirelessly to recruit translators for new needs as they arise, for example through agreements with major clients or successful procurement. We also ensure that the information in our database is constantly updated so that our project managers can easily find the right translators for their assignments. We ensure that our translators receive information about developments within the industry, for example in connection with technology and confidentiality, and arrange various activities to enhance expertise. We also pass on feedback from our reviewers and customers.

We meet our translators socially from time to time, since we value personal contact with our vendors and because good relationships are essential if we are to be committed, customer-focused and professional in everything we do.

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