Six voice-over apps for iPhone & Android

Want to make the most of your multimedia content? Check out these voice-over apps and discover the best app for your needs.


      Here is a selection of 6 voice-over apps that will take your multimedia content to the next level. Not only do they provide you with high-quality sound, they give you a set of editing tools so you can customise your voice-over for maximum impact.

      1. InShot

      InShot is an app that can keep up with the most prolific of content creators. It's packed with video editing tools and features including voice-overs, sound effects and a large music library. The voice memo quality is of a high standard and you can use the app's built-in tools to reduce background noise and adjust volume and speed. InShot also offers a variety of audio effects such as male and female voices and phone calls. Plus, the timeline feature ensures that syncing audio and video is a breeze. You can download the InShot app from the AppStore and Google Play.

      2. Voloco

      This app is designed with singers, podcasters and content creators in mind. The app's recording features allow you to capture voice-overs, tracks, demos and any other audio files with ease, while removing unwanted background noise and pitch issues. Voloco also includes a plethora of presets and filters to enhance your recordings, from compression and equalisation to autotune and beyond. Additionally, the app provides a list of free beats to help spark your creativity and you can save your project in various sound formats to share with friends or upload it to different music and web platforms seamlessly. You can download the Voloco app from the AppStore and Google Play.

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      3. Voice Recorder & Voice Memos

      With a simple and intuitive interface, this app makes it easy to record notes, interviews, lessons and even music. It provides stable recordings with no interruptions or cracks, and there are no limits on recording time. It runs in the background, so you can keep recording even when your phone is locked. You can easily categorise and arrange files with tags and thematic folders, import files in various formats and use the built-in editing tool for touch-ups. You can download the Voice Recorder & Voice Memos app from the AppStore and Google Play.

      4. Voice Over Video

      Voice Over Video is an app designed for making voice-overs for your videos. The app doesn't have a built-in voice recorder, so you'll need an additional app for that. However, you can add pre-made files from the app's storage and layer them with clips. The app supports multiple formats for clips and audio and has a simple editing tool that allows you to add effects such as fading, pitch adjustments and noise reduction. You can also adjust the audio volume and add an echo effect. Although it doesn't provide advanced video editing features, you can crop and trim clips, add transitions and sync them with audio. The app lets you save the outcome without a watermark, and you can select the format you prefer. You can download the Voice Over Video app in the App Store.

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        5. Dolby On

        This app is ideal for podcasters, video makers, streamers and musicians, offering various automated functions, like noise reduction and spatial audio. Using Dolby equalisation, it stabilises tone and space while allowing for different sound styles. The app features a simple-to-use editor and optimisation for popular music platforms with one tap. It comes with live transition capabilities, sound effects and the ability to save audio in various formats for voice-overs. You can download the Dolby On app from the AppStore and Google Play.

        6. Smart Recorder

        This full-featured audio recording and editing app is great for recording everything from podcasts to lectures and voice memos. With crystal-clear audio quality and unlimited recording time, you can pause and resume at your convenience, and use editing features like trimming, cropping and adding filters and effects. The app lets you organise your files into folders and add tags, and you can easily back up your files by syncing them with your cloud service. You can download the Smart Recorder app from the AppStore.

        Choosing the best voiceover app to meet your needs can be a daunting task, given the multitude of options available on the market. However, at Semantix we integrate various specialties in language, marketing and technology to optimise the performance of your content. If you are contemplating using voice-overs with your content, get in touch with us to learn how you can make it a truly engaging experience for your target market.

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