Going global, staying relevant

In today’s global economy, going global is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. The good news is that technology to scale communication is both affordable and reliable.

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Large corporations and start-ups alike are prioritising their international operations to stay relevant and competitive. The businesses that best leverage data, automation, technology and software to help people work faster and perform better across the globe are the champions of today and tomorrow.

The drivers of change are more universal than ever, calling for services and technology that support global transformation strategies. The digital transformation is omnipresent and affects all industries.

“Digital technology today is not about tech companies doing innovation. It’s about the rest of the world doing innovation with technology” – Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

In addition, the content output of businesses is seeing an exponential growth. New ways of distribution and ever more advanced content types and features in areas such as video and speech have increased the need for speed and customised communication.

The good news is that empowering technologies are becoming affordable. Communication on a global scale is within reach, aided by machine learning and artificial intelligence. The complexities of these technologies, however, call for close partnerships and collaboration with technology providers and expert language consultants.

Managing multilingual data and processes well is the gateway to successful go-to-market strategies and seamless customer experience. To stand out, the added value is created through people with passion and vision and the commitment to the purpose of communication.

Today, the language industry is first and foremost managing multilingual workflows, content and data flows, because content creation, processing, and transformation challenge everyone. While the core linguistic quality is a given, new quality parameters arise as equally important. Businesses need to not only communicate spot on in any language, they need to manage the complete localisation workflow, including time to market, data control and information security.

Semantix is dedicated to being the proactive business partner, simplifying workflows and adding personalised experiences through the perfect combination of subject matter expertise, service offering and scalable technology. Creating a growth platform and securing sustainable success in times of amazing changes and opportunities.

No matter the technology, service or purpose, communication on a global scale is essentially a collaborative experience. For us, supporting businesses has never been more exciting or rewarding – in any language.

Britta Aagaard
Chief Business Officer – Language Solutions

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