Simple ways to translate photograph text

In this digital age, it's not unusual to convert text from a picture and make it editable – we often rely on manual documentation that you can digitally manipulate with the help of OCR (optical character recognition) software.


      OCR technology is an artificial-intelligence-based pattern recognition software used to analyze and identify written content in a picture and convert it into a document that you can edit, such as invoices, receipts or bank statements available in picture format.

      Translate a photograph to text online

      Online OCR is an example ofsoftware that allows you to convert images to text on any device. All you require is a browser and a stable internet connection to use this tool on either computers or mobile devices. Online OCR is a great tool. It is free and very user friendly.

      1. Just click on the Select File button, then upload your picture.
      2. Click on Preview, then click on OCR to start producing text that's editable. You can choose to copy or download it as a .doc, TXT, or PDF file.

      This tool also supports written content extraction in 122 different languages ​​and has the ability to extract text from BMP, TFF, JPG, PMG, PDF, PGM, GIF, and DjVu files.

      Translate a photograph to text on Google Docs

      You can easily upload a picture to Google Docs and use the integrated OCR software to translate the image into text.

      How it's done:

      1. Click on Google Drive to open it, then sign in.
      2. Click on New, and from the menu choose File Upload to upload your picture.
      3. After uploading, right-click the picture, and from the Open With option, choose Google Docs.

      That's it! The picture will appear in Google Docs with the written content extracted just below the picture.

      Translate a photograph to text on Windows

      If you'd rather translate pictures on your Windows computer, plenty of OCR tools are available. Easy Screen OCR is a great Windows OCR tool that provides efficient text extraction. It's a tiny 7MB software that operates from the system tray. You can upload a picture or take a screenshot to translate textual content.

      1. Right-click the symbol within the tray and choose Picture OCR to use the tool.
      2. A little window will open where you can drag and drop the picture, and the process will automatically begin.
      3. The extracted written content will appear in a new segment, so you can copy it into any text program you wish.

      Translate a photograph to text on Android

      There are a lot of Android apps that you can use to convert pictures to written content. You can scan textual content in a snap, since all Android mobile phones come with cameras. The Text Scanner OCR tool for Android allows you to extract textual content from pictures offline. It also has unlimited free scans in several languages.

      1. There is a key in the upper right corner of the application to choose pictures from the photo gallery and a key in the lower right corner for taking text photos.
      2. You can use any options for uploading your photo, and the application will process and display the extracted text for you.
      3. To compare, you can toggle between extracted text and pictures using the keys at the bottom.

      Translate a photograph to text on an OCR Chrome extension

      If you need to get written content from pictures on a website, a Chrome extension is handy. OCR image reader is a great example.

      1. No need to take any action; download and install the add on and any picture on the website of your choice.
      2. When you get a picture with written content, hold the left button to highlight and copy it.
      3. If you need to scan and translate pictures on demand, you can install the add on then click on the expand key to open a tool that will allow you to choose where the written content you extract will go.
      4. When the location has been selected, the extension copies a picture of the selected section into its user interface and then uses OCR to extract the text.

      Translate a photograph to text on Mac

      In all fairness, there aren't a lot of good OCR tools out there for macOS. If you need to use a great macOS OCR tool, you'll have to buy one. Readiris is among the most potent OCR software for macOS. It is a complete editing and PDF creation tool with numerous advanced functions for extracting text from PDF files and pictures.

      The software has a trial version that provides access to all functions for ten days. If you end up liking Readiris, you can purchase it. You can use this tool to extract text from images or PDFs that are saved on your PC or take a screenshot of each picture and extract textual content from it.

      In addition to extracting, you can add voice annotations, annotate PDF files, add watermarks, save online scans, convert text to audio, split or merge PDF files, and much more. Readiris acts as both a PDF manager and an OCR tool.

      If you're looking for an affordable Mac OCR tool, Picatext is also worth a try. For just €3.99, you will be able to extract written content from saved pictures or new screenshots.

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