Text-to-voice generators: apps and software that give voice to your brand

Discover the ultimate text-to-voice generator for improving your productivity with this extensive guide to the latest apps and software.


      The advent of text-to-voice generators has changed the way we consume and create content. With the ability to produce audio in multiple languages and a wide range of voices, it has become a valuable tool for content creators and businesses alike. While app-based solutions offer a straightforward approach, text-to-voice software can provide even more powerful features for those seeking a professional touch.

      In this blog, we'll provide an overview of the best text-to-voice tools available. In practice, there is a lot of overlap between apps, software and other forms of text-to-speech generator. The app/software categories used here, therefore, should not be taken too strictly.

      So, whether you're looking to streamline your workflow, create personalised content, or enhance your communications – here, in no particular order, are 30 potential solutions to your needs.

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      Text-to-voice apps for iPhone and Android

      Speech Central

      Speech Central is a multi-functional text-to-voice app designed to cater to visually impaired users. The app goes beyond simple voice narration by allowing users to browse the web, listen to their favourite content and even import articles and create MP3 files. Speech Central supports DAISY books, dyslexia-friendly fonts and has keyboard shortcuts for most commands. Its accessibility features and ease of use make it a great tool for daily personal use, self-development and an excellent way to reduce screen time or boost productivity. The app is available for download on iOS, Android, Windows 10 and MacBook and has a free version with restrictions on the number of articles that can be added. Users can upgrade to the pro version to remove these limitations and access all the app's features. Speech Central is a reliable text-to-voice app that provides a unique experience for visually impaired individuals looking to enhance their daily lives.

      Synthesys Studio

      Synthesys is a cloud-based text-to-voice app that allows users to create voiceovers for a variety of media content, including sales videos, explainers, tutorials, social media advertisements and TV commercials. It offers two versions: AI Audio and AI Video. AI Audio has over 60 virtual avatars that provide natural voiceovers, while AI Video offers 74 ‘Humatars’ (human avatars) in 66 languages with a voice bank of 254 unique styles. Synthesys uses lip-synching text-to-video technology to create high-resolution videos. Although it has a higher price tag, it is user friendly and doesn't require technical knowledge, making it a versatile tool for creating high quality media content.

      Text To Speech

      The Text –To Speech App is an easy-to-use tool for voice narration. The interface is straightforward, allowing users to quickly synthesise voices in various languages and settings. The app offers customisable voice settings, which provide users with even more authentic results. Although the app doesn't allow document uploads, the auto-expanding text box offers unlimited text-to-voice conversion. It's free to download from Google Play Store and offers support for over 30 languages and voices. Users can save audio files in WAV format and share them with friends and family. Additionally, the app allows users to save text for future use. Overall, the Text –To Speech App by TK Solution is a versatile tool that provides high quality audio output, making it an ideal choice for voice narration.

      Voice Dream Reader

      Voice Dream Reader is a comprehensive text-to-voice app that includes a reader, writer and scanner feature. It is compatible with both Android and Apple devices, including smartphones and tablets. The app boasts 186 built-in voices across 30 languages for text-to-voice conversion, making it easy to read articles or documents from anywhere. Users can upload articles or documents from cloud storage solutions like Dropbox, Google Cloud and Evernote. The app also offers features like full-screen and distraction-free mode, along with auto-scrolling to improve the reading experience. Users can highlight text, bookmark and take notes while listening and the dictation feature is powered by Nuance. The app is free to use but also offers a pro plan with additional features. Subscription plans include one-month or one-year plans.

      Text To Speech!

      Text to Speech! is a popular text-to-voice app designed for iPhone and iPad users. With the app, you can bring your text to life by choosing from 96 natural-sounding voices in 38 languages and accents. Additional voices are also available through the app's settings. The app allows you to adjust voice parameters such as rate and pitch, giving you full control over the output. One of the most prominent features of Text to Speech! is that it works offline and highlights the text as it speaks. This makes it ideal for use in places with limited internet connectivity. The app also allows you to export audio files, making it easy to save and share your work. It's important to note that the export audio feature requires iOS 13 or newer to function correctly. Text to Speech! is a great tool for anyone looking to convert text to speech on their iPhone or iPad.

      Simple Text Reader

      Simple Text Reader is a free app designed to read written content on Android or iOS devices. It offers a range of voices in different languages, including male and female options. This text-to-voice tool is easy to use and allows users to share any text or website and then press the play button for the TTS reader to read it out loud. Simple Text Reader is a great option for reading various types of documents, such as plain text, HTML files, text files, web pages and even images on web pages. The app features multiple languages and voice support, as well as adjustable reading speed and location, cache and bookmark reading locations and the ability to import text from other apps.

      AI Reader

      AI Reader is a unique voice narrator designed to read fiction books, supporting various file types including Docx, Html and RTF, as well as ZIP and GZ archives. However, it does not support PDF format. This text-to-voice app is a great tool for readers who want to listen to a story that is only available in text format. AI Reader also collects statistics on open books and creates a top hundred authors and books list for users to decide what to read next. The app allows users to create up to four profiles with different interface settings and offers the option to select from different languages and voices. AI Reader is an Android-exclusive application and is not available on the iOS app store.

      Google Text To Speech

      Google Text to Speech is a well known and free app that provides high quality text-to-voice conversion. It can be integrated with various apps and programs and is a native Android phone application. Users can easily enable it in the phone's settings. One of the most significant advantages of Google TTS is its integration with Google Translate. Users can translate text into another language and listen to it, with support for 109 languages. Other notable features include Read Aloud (from Google Play Books), TalkBack and accessibility applications for spoken feedback, speech-to-text capabilities and more. In summary, Google Text to Speech is a versatile and user-friendly app that offers an array of useful features, making it an excellent choice for text-to-voice conversion.

      T2S Text To Voice

      T2S is a highly convenient and unique text-to-voice app available on the Play Store for Android devices. The app boasts a range of useful features that set it apart from other similar apps, including integration with Google text-to-speech engines as the main API. One standout feature is the built-in web browser, which allows users to access web pages directly without the need for copying/pasting or sharing website links. Additionally, T2S includes features like Copy to Speak, allowing users to convert text from other apps to speech and Type Speak, which converts text to speech as you type. The app also allows users to adjust voice parameters, add effects to the speech and share or export audio files.

      Voice Aloud Reader

      Voice Aloud Reader is an easy-to-use text-to-voice app that offers various ways to convert text into speech. Users can simply paste the URL or document and the app automatically parses and reads the relevant text while removing unnecessary menus and other content. The app supports all types of text input such as documents, HTML files and ebooks. It also provides a helpful onboarding process for new users. Voice Aloud Reader has a night mode that reduces eye strain at night and a sleep timer that stops the app from running automatically after a certain time. The app is available as a free download from Google Play Store but is not available for iOS. Overall, Voice Aloud Reader is a great beginner's text-to-voice app with many helpful features.


      TextHelp is a multi-platform app that provides read and write assistance on software such as Windows, iOS, Android and Chrome. It has collaborated with Google for Education and Microsoft Gold Application Development to enhance its efficiency. The app is an excellent tool for people with special needs and learning disabilities, with features such as a picture dictionary, highlighting, word suggestions and a vocab list. TextHelp is also helpful for users with visual impairment, as it allows scanning of images and document uploading for auditory output. The app provides screen masking to reduce visual stress and screen glare. Teachers can use the free version to listen to web pages and documents, while the Premium version unlocks over 80 features. TextHelp offers different subscription models for education and the workplace, with student plans available at a lower price.

      Narrator’s Voice

      Narrator's Voice is a unique text-to-voice app that allows users to add custom effects to their voice. In addition to standard features like converting text to speech, users can add offline custom effects such as echo, gargle, chorus and reverb. This app comes with built-in voices and it allows the conversion of text to audio MP3 or MP4 files. Narrator's Voice provides editing tools that enable users to adjust the pitch, speed and volume of their recordings. These features make it one of the best text-to-voice apps for creating YouTube videos and podcasts. It is available free with ads, or users can purchase a premium version to enjoy an ad-free experience.


      CaptiVoice is a text-to-speech generator designed for the education sector, suitable for both learners and teachers. It's an excellent app for personalised studying and work processes, helping users overcome language barriers by reading materials aloud. The tool can be used online and offline to read ebooks and web pages and it's integrated with cloud storage, popular LMS and content sources. CaptiVoice is widely used by schools, colleges and professionals around the world. The app offers a free version for personal use with various features, while the Pro version provides high-end voice samples and additional features. Android users can access the app via a Chrome extension, while users on other browsers can access it through the web.

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      Text-to-voice software


      VEED is a user-friendly online video maker service that offers access to millions of stock media files, flexible templates and capable tools. Its elegant and easy-to-use interface makes creating professional-quality videos a breeze. Although users cannot upload their own media, the service's generous free account and very responsive platform make up for this limitation. VEED is perfect for anyone looking to create engaging videos quickly and easily. Key features include a clean interface, capable tools and a free account.


      ElevenLabs offers an advanced AI speech tool that claims to produce high-quality spoken audio in any voice and style. The deep learning system generates human-like intonation and inflections, taking into account the logic and emotions behind each word to produce seamless, natural-sounding sentences. By considering longer fragments of text, the tool creates a more holistic perspective and can intonate with purpose. It also allows users to choose from a wide range of voices.


      LOVO is an AI-powered voice generation app with different products: Voice Lab, LOVO Studio and LOVO API. It offers high quality, human-like voices in various languages and styles for different applications, including narration, e-learning, audio ads, video games and animation. The app uses deep learning algorithms to convert text to speech, resulting in lifelike voices with adjustable intonation and inflections. The variety of voice skins allows content creators to experiment and innovate while staying creative. The app is user-friendly and offers studio quality audio without any unwanted noise. LOVO also offers voice cloning and custom voice creation options upon request.


      MicMonster is an AI-powered text-to-voice tool with a library of 600+ voices that can create audio recordings in 140 languages, saving time and money for video marketers. Simply input your text, choose a voice and convert it into an audio file to use in social media marketing, podcasts and YouTube videos. With MicMonster, you can use a variety of voices for each project, customise pronunciations, preview audio before rendering and fine tune everything to ensure your finished product sounds perfect. It's a must-have tool for anyone looking to create professional sounding audio content quickly and easily.


      Clipchamp is a browser-based video editor suitable for social media content creation and businesses. It offers an easy-to-use interface with clear signposting and a library of templates for various social media platforms. While it lacks advanced effects and may not satisfy full-time video editors, it can be a good option for beginners. The tool is free, with the option to upgrade to a subscription plan for additional features.


      Typecast is an audio creation tool that works like a Word document. If you know how to type, you can create audio content. You can create AI-generated video and realistic voice-overs at your desk by simply typing in your video transcript. The software adds realistic facial expressions and gestures from your script.

      Synthesia AI

      Synthesia AI is a video creation platform that uses artificial intelligence to make professional videos for businesses of all sizes. It allows for the creation of marketing videos, product demos, training videos, and more, without the need for businesses to create their own video content. Custom avatars can represent a company or individual, with different personalities and looks to choose from. The platform provides an AI presenter to do the talking, which is a unique feature. With Synthesia.io, users can easily create AI videos within minutes, and can even add their own voiceover or use pre-recorded voices.

      Natural Reader

      Natural Reader is a highly popular and versatile text-to-voice app that can be used online as a Chrome extension and is also available on both Play Store and the App Store. This app is ideal for both personal and professional use and is especially helpful for students as it acts as a study aid, enabling them to read more material in less time. Natural Reader offers an array of features including natural-sounding voices, a web reader (which allows your website to speak) and OCR technology (which reads text from images).

      The app can also be installed as a toolbar into MS Office to read a document and users can download MP3 files to listen to past uploads. Natural Reader is cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere through a smartphone or laptop and documents can also be uploaded to cloud storage apps such as Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox. The app offers over 170 voices and 27 languages, but the number of voices and languages may vary depending on the subscription plan. While a free tier is available, it has limited functionality.


      WebsiteVoice is a text-to-voice tool that can enhance your online presence using advanced technology and automatic content recognition to convert any text into a natural-sounding voice in just a few minutes. The tool offers male or female narrators to add interest to your website's content and you can upload a text file to quickly access engaging audio that matches your website user's mood. WebsiteVoice can be used for a variety of purposes, including podcasts, blogs, promotional videos and website voiceovers.

      Other features of WebsiteVoice include accessibility options, MP3 downloads for audio files, automatic text readers, UVT voice speed control, social media sharing, fast audio conversion, availability in 38 languages, an analytics dashboard for audio plays, a WordPress plugin and customisable player widgets.


      ReadSpeaker is an online text-to-voice software that makes it easy for users to deliver content in over 50 languages and voices. The software's text highlighting feature synchronises with the audio, making it easier for users to read and understand the text. It also offers single word pronunciation and adjustable text speed features to make text more accessible. ReadSpeaker is customisable and can easily integrate into websites, mobile apps and digital media players. The software's advanced technology produces high –quality, natural speech output at various speeds while maintaining legibility.

      ReadSpeaker simplifies the process of creating high quality audio recordings from text, translating text into multiple languages and more. It's a perfect tool for businesses and organisations looking to improve their audio sound quality. Key features include a text-to-voice web and document reader, customisable audio widget, online and desktop speech maker, TextAid library, speech cloud API and SDK embeddable speech engine.

      Murf AI

      Murf AI is a web-based text-to-voice generator that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to convert text to speech. It's not just a typical TTS app; it also allows users to upload audio inputs to generate professional voiceovers for various types of content like videos, podcasts and presentations. Additionally, Murf AI provides users with an AI Voice Changer feature, allowing them to convert any pre-recorded voice into a professional AI voice, with the added ability to adjust speech parameters for a personal touch.

      Murf Studio's library boasts 120+ voices in 15+ languages, including industry-specific voiceovers for business, marketing, news and education purposes. The platform also allows users to enhance their projects by adding images, videos and music. Whether it's for personal or business use, Murf AI is an excellent tool for generating high-quality voiceovers. Users can try out the basic plan for free before upgrading to more advanced plans.


      Descript is an online text-to-voice generator that utilises artificial intelligence to generate lifelike synthetic voices from text with the option to edit the text. With just a click, users can transform their written content into natural-sounding speech, making it ideal for streamlining communication, presentations and other tasks that require audio files or recordings. The tool is widely used by podcasters, social media professionals, YouTube content creators and more due to its convenience and ease of use. Descript also offers video editing using docs and slides, audio editing for podcasting, screen recording, transcription, AI-based voices and clip creation features, making it an all-in-one solution for content creation.

      Speechify Text Reader

      Speechify is a popular AI text-to-voice app designed to assist people with ADD, dyslexia, second language learners and auditory learners. It offers reading speeds of up to 600 words per minute and users can choose from different male or female voices with different accents, including celebrity voices. The app is available on all devices and systems and can read anything 2-3 times faster, making it a time-saving tool. Users can take their content with them wherever they go and listen to it while running, walking, or exercising. Speechify is available on web, iOS and Android platforms and there is a Chrome extension available too. A subscription to the app provides access to all its products, tools, voices and services.

      Amazon Polly

      Amazon Polly is a cost-effective text-to-speech online software powered by AWS technology. It converts text-based content into natural-sounding speech, which makes it beneficial for people with reading difficulties and those who want a more engaging way to communicate with their audience. Amazon Polly offers multiple voices and languages, making it suitable for various industries, including mobile apps and accessibility platforms. Businesses can use Amazon Polly to improve customer engagement and reach a global audience. Key features include speech output control, MP3 and OGG formats, SSML tags, life-like conversational experience and multiple languages.


      Speechelo is an online text-to-voice software that uses artificial intelligence to produce high-quality podcasts, videos, lectures and other content in over 30 languages within minutes. This AI-based tool offers various voice expressions and styles for a unique viewer experience without the need for script writing or a microphone. Speechelo allows you to customise recordings with features such as background music and effects using real-time text-to-voice technology. The software is ideal for adding a professional touch to text presentations and creating compelling advertisements. It can be used with video creation software and audio files can be downloaded. Key features include text-to-voice generation, availability in 24 languages and customisable audio downloads.


      Voicera is a user-friendly online software that can turn text into lifelike speaking voices using text-to-speech technology. With this software, there is no need for professional voice actors or recording studios to create high quality audio files. Voicera is an affordable solution that allows anyone to create text-to-voice soundtracks with ease. Users simply type out the text they want spoken and the software’s text-to-voice generator will do the rest. With a vast library of voices and languages, there are endless possibilities for text conversion to audio. Key features of Voicera include automatic content detection and audio generation, human-like voices, voice speed control and basic support. The software is available in more than 10 languages.


      Play.ht is a software that simplifies the process of converting text to speech. With a convenient text editor, text recorder and audio recorder, users can quickly create professional narrations for projects like advertisements, eLearning and videos. This tool eliminates the need to hire professionals for text-to-voice projects, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals. The software also features over 800 premium AI voices, voice cloning and a text-to-voice editor. Audio files can be downloaded in high quality formats such as MP3 and WAV and users can customise the audio widget to suit their needs. Play.ht even allows for content creation and publishing on podcast platforms like iTunes, and team access is available for collaborative projects.

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