There are no language barriers in art and music

We helped the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training increase children’s access to the arts by breaking down language barriers using subtitles and voice-overs. Here’s how.

Our most important goal is to break down language barriers and empower everyone to access information, no matter what language they speak. That’s why we were thrilled to join forces with the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training and Kulturskolen (the School of Music and Performing Arts) to develop media aimed at promoting children’s participation in arts and music education.

The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training is responsible for supervising the education sector, including the governance of kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools. It also works to ensure compliance with acts of parliament and relevant regulatory requirements.

The directorate is also tasked with obtaining and analysing national statistics on all primary, secondary and kindergarten education. Using the collected information, it pioneers research and development initiatives and new ways to monitor and develop education policies and practices.

The ultimate objective of the directorate is to ensure that every pupil, student and apprentice has access to the highest possible quality of education. That’s a goal Semantix is proud to help them achieve.

Semantix was delighted to collaborate with the directorate to provide voice-over and subtitling services for the School of Music and Performing Arts. The project involved an informational video about how to enrol in the school, where children and adolescents are taught by art, music, and dance professionals.

Semantix provided voice-overs and subtitles for these videos in Ukranian, Spanish and Cantonese





Mari Johansen from the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training had this to say about the project:

One of the directorate’s goals is that all parents should be able to get information about Kulturskolen – that it’s a place where their children can discover new interests, try out new forms of artistic expression, and develop their talents. We also want to convey that Kulturskolen can contribute to the development of a good school and local environment and help students to express themselves culturally in the local community. 

With the help of Semantix, we can reach even more people with information about Kulturskolen and support the municipalities in their efforts to develop Kulturskolen at the local level. By providing subtitles and voice-overs in several languages for the informational video, we’re enabling even more parents to access straightforward information about what Kulturskolen is and what it can offer their children.

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