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A turnkey solution for your annual report translation

Most companies want translators who understand their vocabulary, fields of expertise, financial terms, and IFRS requirements. Working closely with your finance and communications departments, our translators help you create accurate translations that adhere to all standards and terminology.

And producing an annual report in another language can be overwhelming. Let us manage the entire process for you.

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Annual report translation by professionals

We translate annual reports, interim reports, and directors' reports for nearly 100 different companies every year. We can also manage the entire process for you, freeing up your company's valuable resources.

Semantix specialises in translating annual reports, interim reports and directors' reports. Our translators are experts in their fields with years of experience translating reports for a wide range of companies across numerous industries.

It's not just about language – it's also about culture. We know how important it is to get your message across correctly, and we care about every detail before delivering your translated document back to you.

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Translate your annual financial reports

The preparation, publication, and translation of an annual report takes time and can be stressful for your employees. Semantix can help relieve this stress while providing first-class service.

It's no secret that the annual report is the most crucial document a business produces. Therefore, it is critical that the information presented in the report is accurate and that the terminology used is correct and consistent with IFRS standards. Our experts have been doing this for years and will comply with all international standards and guidelines in your sector.

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We also translate your quarterly and interim reports

Your quarterly and interim reports are no less important than your other financial statement. That's why we put just as much effort into ensuring the quality and accuracy of our translations.

Consistency is highly important, which is why we always try to use the same linguists for quarterly, interim and annual reports.

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Proofreading service for increased precision

If you've already created your annual report and just need a professional eye to look it through, our professional proofreading service will help you prepare the document for publication.

By highlighting errors and inconsistencies, you can rest assured that your annual report is as good as it can be.

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How we deliver consistency and accuracy

When we translate your financial statements, the translated information is stored in a translation memory and terminology database. This combination of technologies ensures that we accurately and consistently reuse your preferred language and terminology in future translations.

Our IFRS-trained translators adhere to your guidelines and compliance requirements when carrying out translations. We understand there are strict industry terminologies that must be used and interpreted correctly in official documents. We ensure all translation copies are accurate, factual and comply with IFRS guidelines.

Why use Semantix?


Our technology and dedicated team ensure that your company's preferred language and terms are used every time.


With hundreds of customers and millions of pages of translation, we are experts in annual report translation.


Feel confident knowing that you’re working with experts who know what it takes to deliver first-class results.


You can trust that our highly secure systems and processes will keep your information safe.


Our highly experienced teams are ready to deliver quick results even when time is of the essence.

Turnkey solution:

Free up your resources and let our project team handle everything from start to finish.

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