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Choose Swedish translators you can trust. Our Swedish translation services ensure first-class results for any sector and any type of content.

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Semantix is trusted by global companies, as well as countless small and medium-sized businesses, with their Swedish translation requirements. With 31+ million words translated into Swedish annually, we have expertise few can match.

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Express Translation – when you need speed!

For urgent projects that require both accuracy and haste, our Express Translation services can provide fast and reliable solutions.

Our team of skilled translators and advanced technology allow us to deliver high-quality translations, even under tight deadlines, ensuring you meet your project goals on time.

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Solutions for every translation need

We offer a variety of translation and content services to ensure that your project receives the dedicated attention it needs to be successful. Some of the areas we focus on include:

Machine translation

Our high-level translation service utilises the most advanced machine translation (MT) technology available. The automated system is constantly evolving, allowing for fast, precise and natural-sounding communication.

Style guide, tone of voice and terminology management

Optimise your translation process and reduce post-delivery edits by defining your company’s style and terminology preferences. We will gather important information about your brand, style, and industry-specific jargon to ensure your translations are tailored to your needs. .

Transcreation services

Our transcreation specialists integrate translation, localisation and creative writing to replicate the impact of a piece of content across multiple languages. The transcreated text will resonate with the target audience in the same way that the source text does with the original audience.


Specialist Swedish translation services – available now.

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Data security is our first concern

Person with paper and pen in hand

Data security is our first concern

We hold certification according to the ISO 27001 standard, which ensures that your data, documents and translation memories are always handled with the highest level of security in all our work.

Experts in public sector translation

In order to address a diverse, multilingual population, it is essential for public institutions to make information available in multiple languages. We offer a full range of language services for the public sector, including proofreading, multimedia (transcription, voice-over, subtitling, etc.) and desktop publishing (DTP). Some of the public sector groups we work with to ensure inclusivity include:


Scrupulous translation is essential for medical documents, such as patient records and doctors’ notes. Our reliable translators are skilled and understand the importance of using precise medical terminology in their work.


We offer translation services for all types of court documents such as claims and evidence bundles. Legal translations often involve complex, technical wording, but our team of language specialists consistently provide meticulously accurate translations.


Religious texts play a key role in spreading faith, which is why accurate translation is crucial. Our religious translations are faithful to the source text and consider the cultural context of religious followers.

Partner up

Translation solutions for every need

We provide comprehensive and budget-friendly solutions to meet all your language needs, including transcreation, machine translation, multimedia transcription and marketing services. By partnering with us, you'll have one point of contact for all your language needs.

Certified translation

Translations that are certified and authorised

If you need a translation that will be accepted and considered legally valid in a specific country, our certified translation service can meet that requirement. When you order a certified translation from us, you can trust that the translated document will have the same legal standing as the original, and will be accepted in the country where it will be used.

Translation solutions for every industry

We have the expertise to tailor our range of services to meet the specific needs of your industry. We have experience working with a variety of sectors, including:

Legal translations and multilingual legal services

For reliable legal translation services that meets your challenging deadlines, look no further. Our multilingual legal services guarantee translations that meet your specific needs, with all legal terms and phrases accurately and appropriately translated.

Legal translation services

E-commerce translation

In order to sell products effectively in a global market, your content needs to be understood by your target audience. We offer a variety of e-commerce language solutions, designed to help your business succeed. Our services include market-specific localisation that also manages to maintain your unique brand voice.

Translation for e-commerce

Marketing translations

Effective localisation of marketing content is essential to ensure that your sales message resonates with global customers and is not hindered by language and cultural barriers. Our translation services ensure that your marketing communications make an impact with everyone who sees it.

Translation by marketing experts

Professional translation for global growth

No matter what your translation needs, our team has the expertise to deliver.

Some of the most common translation requests we deal with include:
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