Manage your multilingual content directly within Optimizely

Streamline your multilingual digital content with our seamlessly integrated connector that simplifies the entire translation process. Say goodbye to tedious copy-pasting and speed up time to market with minimal effort and possibilities to automate.

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Translate with the click of a button!

Optimizely CMS is a market-leading web content management system and digital marketing suite. Out of the box, it does not include translation functionality… that’s where we come in. Our AutoConnect Optimizely connector plugin lets you manage and automate your website translation process right within Optimizely, saving you time and money. With AutoConnect Optimizely, reaching your international markets is just a click away…

Autoconnect Optimizely

Fit for your needs

Intuitive and convenient

Integrate Optimizely with Semantix using our connector to order and import your translations directly into your multilingual websites.

Solid return on investment

Recoup your investment by reducing costs and resources with our streamlined translation workflow.

Improved time to market

Reach your international markets faster with a streamlined workflow that you control entirely within Optimizely.

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No more copy-pasting

We know that website translation can be complex. If you have a multilingual website, you’ll know how repetitive copy-pasting can get. With AutoConnect Optimizely, there’s no more wasted effort. You simply select the content you want to be translated and order it with the click of a button. And when the translation is ready, importing it is just as easy.

How it works


Easily order your translation

When your content is ready, just request it to be translated directly within the Optimizely software using the AutoConnect add-on.


Choose just what you need

Whether it’s multiple pages or individual blocks of text, and even page assets like metadata and image tags. When your translation is ready, you can publish it immediately or review it first… you decide.


Get the translations at the click of a button

Once you’ve ordered a translation, the automated translation process starts immediately. You can monitor it in real time, and when we’re done, the connector plugin imports your translations right where you need them.

Adapted solutions

It is easy to start benefiting from automated solutions.

Initial meeting

After contacting us, we'll set up a meeting with you to discuss your automation requirements.

Installation and testing

We work with your Optimizely administrator to set up AutoConnect in your Optimizely version. Once installed, we test that everything works just as you would expect.

Get started

Training and support

We work with you to ensure your staff are trained and ready to use AutoConnect Optimizely from day one. And if you need help, our team is always on hand

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Built with knowledge and expertise

Semantix has partnered with best-in-class, certified Optimizely developers to create an automation solution that builds on our knowledge and expertise within the language industry. And by continuously improving AutoConnect Optimizely, you'll always have the best possible solution.

Automation matters

Easy to add more languages

The connector allows you to connect your brand with even more customers around the world.

Gives you more time

Automating the translation workflow will free you up to tackle that to-do list you never seem to get around to.

Reduces risk

Minimise the risk of human error with our automated workflow for high-quality, consistent results.

Increase your business

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Increase your business

Why translate your website?

While over half of the Internet is in English, studies show that consumers are far more likely to purchase products from websites in their own languages than from English-only websites. And as more people gain access to the Internet and buy online, communicating with them in their own language has never been so important.

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