Manage your multilingual technical documentation directly within Paligo

Streamline your multilingual technical content with our seamlessly integrated connector that automates the translation process. Say goodbye to overly complex translation workflow and speed up time to market with minimal effort.

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Translate with the click of a button!

Paligo is a powerful content authoring platform that focuses on the creation and management of technical documentation. Using Paligo’s integrated translation feature, in combination with the Paligo connector to Semantix, you can automate the translation of your technical documentation quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. With the Paligo connector to Semantix, reaching your international customers is just a click away…

Fit for your needs

Intuitive and convenient

Order and insert your translations directly into your multilingual documentation – all from within Paligo.

Personalised workflow

Get help setting up a workflow targeted to your localisation need, it will save you both time and resources.

Improved time to market

Reach your international customers faster with a streamlined workflow that you control entirely within Paligo.

Create multilingual content effortlessly

We know that creating technical documentation can be complex. If you need to create multilingual versions for your customers, you’ll know just how more complex things can get. With the Paligo connector, the whole process is automated. You simply select the text you want to be translated and order it with the click of a button. And when the translation is ready, importing it is just as easy.

Process for maintaining terminology

How it works

1. Translate just what you need

Order exactly what you need, whether it’s individual topics or an entire document. When your content is ready, just request your translation directly within Paligo and our connector takes care of the rest.

2. Publish your translation

When your translation is ready, it's automatically imported into Paligo and you can approve it directly within Paligo… you decide.

Adapted solutions

It's easy to start benefiting from workflow targeted to your localisation needs


Initial meeting

After contacting us, we'll set up a meeting with you to discuss your requirements.


Setting up the connector

As the translation feature is already available in Paligo right out of the box, you simply enter your Semantix credentials and you’re up and running.


Ordering and importing translations

When your content is ready, simply use Paligo to order a translation from us. Once it's translated, it’s ready for you to publish directly within Paligo.

A solid partnership

With extensive experience within the language industry and technical documentation, Semantix and Paligo specialise in making life easier for thousands of customers around the world every day.

Automation matters

Easy to add more languages

The connector allows you to connect your brand with even more customers around the world.

Gives you more time

Automating the translation workflow will free you up to tackle that to-do list you never seem to get around to.

Reduces risk

Minimise the risk of human error with our automated workflow for high-quality, consistent results.

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