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Keep total control over your translation activities from one simple interface with Semantix Language Hub.

Access everything from one place

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Access everything from one place

Whether you want to order a translation or monitor your existing and historic orders, Semantix Language Hub lets you do this and much more from one simple, customisable interface.

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How it works


When your content is ready for translation, create an order or quote using the simplified workflow.

You can even reuse previous orders to quickly order recurring or similar translations.


After placing your order, monitor each translation.

Monitor each translation from beginning to end and see exactly when to expect delivery.


Streamline your work even more over time.

Using the customisable reporting tool, it’s easy to monitor your translation activity, costs and more, which will help you to streamline your work over time.

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Access Language Hub on the go

Using the simple, streamlined interface, you can create and monitor your translations with ease and even check your brand’s terminology to make sure you’re sending a consistent message out into the world.


Expand your Language Hub experience with a collection of useful add-ons. From 1-Hour Express translation for small tasks to secure machine translation and more, Language Hub add-ons give you the tools you need to make your life easier.


By choosing the right service through Language Hub, you can reduce costs, shorten delivery time and get your brand out there more quickly.

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Why Language Hub matters


Semantix Language Hub gives you the complete picture of your translation activities. No more ordering via email and tracking via spreadsheets – you do everything from within Language Hub.


Your brand is your outward image to the world, and it needs to be consistent. Having Language Hub on your mobile device means that, wherever you are, your brand terminology is just a swipe away.

Project manager in control of all translation workflows

Created by us, customised for you

Whether you just need to understand the context of a text or require highly polished content that will be read by millions, Semantix Language Hub lets you choose the service that fits your needs best.

Would you like to see how easy it is to create and monitor your translations by using the simple, streamlined interface of Semantix Language Hub?
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Total translation management

A growing number of the scalability add-ons are available for Semantix Language HUB.


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Secure Machine Translation

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Term Base

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Memory Search

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1-Hour Express

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How to order a translation

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Add-on: Validation

Add-on: Validation

Ensure your message hits the sweet spot…

Contribute to and influence your translations using your own in-house experts for your critical content.

Semantix Validation is for those times when you need an extra pair of eyes on your most valuable content, such as technical product documentation that only your in-house experts are familiar with.
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Discover the advantages of validation

Improved accuracy

Having experts within your organisation contribute to the translation process guarantees the most accurate translations for your mission-critical content.

Total access

You can validate and comment translations, from any location and on any platform.



Just a click away

Once your translation is available, start the validation process within a few clicks from the Validation add-on in the Hub toolbar.

Intuitive and convenient

The validation process is as simple as clicking improve, editing the translation or adding a comment.

Enable greater consistency

The translations are updated according to the comments and amendments from your local offices.


Simplified validation process

Manually validating your organisation’s multilingual content can be a huge task. You have to keep track of your validators, ensure they deliver their feedback on time and in the right format.

With the Semantix Validation add-on, all of this is available in one simple, cloud-based interface. Not only does it help you stay more organised, validators can preview their changes using the intuitive table-style validation interface.
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Add-on: Secure Machine Translation

Add-on: Secure Machine Translation

Professional machine translation made simple

Quickly and easily translate your content using our machine translation tool that meets the strictest security standards. Machine Translation is great when you have a tight deadline and need a translation fast.

Our Secure MT add-on is the ideal solution when you just need to understand the essence of a text, for example when you’ve just received an email from one of your international offices, customers or business partners.

Seamless integration

Our stand-alone Secure MT portal is now seamlessly integrated into the toolbar.

The add-on is completely intuitive and lets you manage your secure machine translation processes quickly and effortlessly.

No more tedious copying and pasting.

From a single sentence to entire manuals, Secure MT retains the formatting of the original text, which means no more tedious copying and pasting.

Simply choose your source language and the languages you need.

Then either type or copy & paste the text straight into the Language Hub interface or upload an entire document.


With our ISO 27001-certified Secure MT add-on, you can rest assured that your machine translation processes are fully compliant.

Add-on: Term Base

Add-on: Term Base

Keep your brand consistent, in every language…

Keep total control of your organisation’s terminology. Give your international offices the power to manage their own terms.

By decentralising the management of your organisation’s terminology, Semantix Term Base simplifies the whole terminology management process and lets your entire organisation play an active role.

Discover the advantages of Term Base

Intuitive and convenient

Our simple to use add-on means that you’ll be managing your terms like a pro, and if you do need help, our customer support is always on hand.

Improved consistency

Search for and reuse your organisation’s established terms for a consistent message.

Total access

Our cloud-based solution means that your employees can manage your terms from anywhere, anytime.

Just a click away

Our Term Base add-on is integrated directly into the toolbar for quick and easy access to your organisation’s terminology.

A scalable solution

Adding languages to your existing term base is simple and ensures consistent communication in your new markets from day one.

Decentralised management

Your international offices can maintain their own terms for maximum efficiency.


Image is important

Semantix Term Base lets you easily attach images to your terms.

A visual cue ensures that your employees have the right term and gives our translators the context they need to translate your terms accurately.
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Add-on: Memory search

Discover the advantages of Memory Search

Improved consistency

Search for and reuse your translations to communicate a consistent message.

Always updated

Your translation memory is automatically updated with every translation that we carry out for you.

Total access

Your employees can search your organisation’s translations from anywhere, anytime.

Access your translation history instantly

The add-on is perfect when you need to translate something yourself, and when it’s important to use the industry or company specific terminology. It might be how you name products or services in your company, or the expressions or jargon used in your industry or specialist field.

With access to the automatically updated term base you can rest assure that you always use the correct terminology for your business.

The power of Term Base and Memory Search

By combining strong terminology and translation memory management, your organisation has access to the full spectrum of your linguistic data to ensure the highest level of consistency across your entire brand.
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Add-on: 1-Hour Express

Add-on: 1-Hour Express

Sometimes you just can’t wait…

Our 1-Hour Express add-on is for those times when you need a translation fast but don’t want to compromise on quality.

Whether you’re posting an urgent message on Facebook and LinkedIn or communicating an important message to your international offices, our 1-Hour Express is the tool for you.


1-Hour Express

Quick and easy ordering

Simply select your language, paste your text directly onto the web page and complete your order with a few extra clicks.

Speed and quality guaranteed

Our team of talented translators are standing by to deliver a professional, high-quality translation within an hour.

Person attentive to listening and thereafter suggesting

Our 1-Hour Express service is available:

Monday-Friday between 09.00–16.00 CET.

We accept most file formats, including Microsoft Office, IDML and .txt, and we provide translations to and from:

  • English
  • German
  • The Scandinavian languages

The advantages of 1-Hour Express

If you need a fast translation of 50 words or less, our 1-Hour Express service is the ideal solution for you. Using a simple web-based ordering system, your translation is carried out by a professional translator and delivered to you within 60 minutes.

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Add-on: API

Discover the advantages of API

Powerful integration

Our API, known as an Application Programming Interface, provides a set of programming tools that let you link your CMS or PIM system directly with Semantix Language HUB.

Improved time to market

Reach your international markets faster with a simple, streamlined workflow that you control entirely using your customised API.

Secure transmission

Our API features industry-standard https connection to ensure that your data is kept safe from prying eyes. Your password is encrypted with using bcrypt hashing function.

Add-on: API

Add-on: API

Translation management direct from your own systems…

The Semantix API service is the ideal solution if you want to customise your own translation API. Our API allows you to seamlessly scale translation management for any application you may have.

Since our service is based on REST API, you can easily allow your employees to use your existing or create a new translation interface and connect it to our translation flow in Semantix Language Hub – completely customisable!

We’re ready to help

As well as providing comprehensive documentation for our API, you can also communicate directly with our skilled team of API developers if you need help.

Streamline your process

Having an effective translation workflow is key to getting your content translated quickly and efficiently. Using our powerful and user-friendly API means that you can create a solution that works best for your organisation.

Update multilingual content quickly and simply

Select the content you want to be translated and send your order directly to our translation portal via the API.

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Let us know how we can help you, and we’ll be in touch shortly.