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Gather, translate, manage and share your multilingual content with Copernicus.

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Introducing the future of multilingual asset management

Ensure correct and consistent use of your organisation’s multilingual content across all stakeholders – inside and outside your organisation. The idea is to get correct, approved multilingual content to where is it needed – all from a single place!

Easy to use

Select languages, type a word and press search. It’s so simple, it’s hard not to use!

Connect with API

The API connector makes it easy to gather, share and publish multilingual content with other systems.

Use with confidence

Confidently use the latest multilingual assets knowing that the local markets have given their approval.

How it works

Take control of your multilingual content

Can’t find the latest version of your company’s terminology or product descriptions because they’re saved in Excel somewhere? Not sure if they’re the final, approved versions? Sound familiar? Copernicus removes that complexity and maintains everything in one place – a true single source management system. Get the latest version, check for changes, approval status, confidentiality levels and more across all markets and languages.

Keep assets confidential

Decide what multilingual content can and should be shared with stakeholders. Decide who sees what and when with a full suite of user management, Active Directory integration and confidentiality tools. This means that preparing your next product launch in multiple markets can be kept completely confidential until you’re ready to make it public. No more surprises and no more leaks.

Translate it, approve it

Start translations with the click of a button. Completed translations are returned to Copernicus where your local markets approve the assets in their own language. Now they’re official and other stakeholders in your organisation can use them confidently in any channel, such as a website, a social media feed, print materials or on an e-commerce product page.

Easy to get started, simple to use

Initial meeting

After contacting us, we will set up a meeting with you to discuss your requirements.

Configuring your Copernicus

After the initial meeting, we configure Copernicus with the fields and categories that match your needs. We help setup possible API integrations and import your data.

Test the setup

You test the whole setup, including categories, fields, user permissions and confidentiality.

Training your users

We help you properly train your employees and other stakeholders according to their user role in Copernicus.

Ongoing support

Our customer service and tech support are always ready to answer questions, initiate a translation and help with an additional API integration or feature.

4th generation multilingual asset management tool

Managing multilingual content that drives growth in your global markets is important to you, so we continuously work to provide you with the best possible experience. Drawing on decades of experience in the language industry and feedback from users, the fourth generation of Copernicus is the culmination of what we’ve learned – a unique Multilingual Asset Management tool.

Why multilingual asset management matters


  • Strengthen your brand communication with consistent use of approved terms, product names and content across all markets in all languages.

  • Reduce costs related to managing and storing multilingual data in multiple systems.

  • Minimise time to market by integrating the translation workflow directly into the asset management process.

  • Streamline user and confidentiality management using your company’s existing Active Directory protocols.

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