A complete cloud-based professional translation platform

Streamline your translation process with Semantix Language Hub, a complete professional translation platform. Our cloud-based platform allows you to gather all your translation needs in one place. 

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Overview anywhere – works on any platform

With our Hub, your translation needs are seamlessly integrated into your business. You and your employees’ productivity can be improved through working in a cloud-based environment, from any location and on any platform. No matter where you are, a new project can be launched, your current translation status can be checked or you can look up a term (add-on service). 

Keep track of all your translations

The Hub lets you gain a better oversight and control over the translation process, allowing you to more easily keep up with the quick pace of today’s business world. 

Thanks to the benefits of our unique translation and globalisation competence, you can achieve a more efficient process for managing your translations. Through the Hub you are in constant control of your translation flow. In addition, the straightforward user interface helps you to visualise your translation flow. You can, for example, see how many words you have translated to date this year and compare this figure with the outcome from another year, or you can see what your company’s top 5 language pairs are.

Reduce your translation costs and save time

Save both time and money by working more efficiently with translations. Through choosing the appropriate level of translation, you can reduce the translation cost and furthermore shorten delivery times. The Hub makes it easy for you to choose and adapt the level of quality depending on what the material is to be used for. Internal communication, education and training material and marketing texts etc. can be translated using our differentiated levels of service and thereby you can save up to 50% of your translation cost while also achieving improvements of up to 75% when it comes to delivery times. 

Would you like to transform how your company approaches translation?

There are numerous functions included in the hub that can help you reach your target audience in the best way possible. Fill out your contact information and we will get back to you with more information and help you find the perfect solution for your company.

Easy to launch projects

We have simplified all of the translation processes. Launch a new project or receive a quote in no time! If you happen to order the same kind of projects often, the frequently used text and language combinations are easily available by pre selecting the settings from a previous order. You will save time as this functionality automatically inserts the settings from your last order. If you prefer to receive a quote first, you can easily tick in the appropriate box. All pending quotes can be navigated to using the overview tab or by accessing “My orders”, where you can easily choose between projects and quotes.


Every company is unique, and so are its translation needs. For this reason, we have made it possible for every company to customise the Hub according to their own requirements. There are several layers of customisation, making it easy for your company to configure the Hub to suit your purposes.

Customisation is both easy and flexible. You can start from a basic level and add the ideal functions to suit your needs. For example, you may want easy access to the terminology used by your business. If you are in any doubt about what term to use in one of the other languages used in your company, the answer is just one click of a button away.

Currently available add-ons

Secure MT

Integration of our tool Secure Machine Translation which provides fast, cost effective and easy machine translations of both small and large amounts of text. It enables you to quickly translate even confidential information to a comprehensible quality, while maintaining the layout of the original text, in the same cloud-based environment.

Material that is uploaded for translation is neither stored nor reused. All processing is carried out via encrypted connections. The tool is often used by customers to prevent the use of unsecure online translation tools, thereby avoiding any violations of IT-security and privacy. It allows businesses to achieve compliance with high security standards while simultaneously meeting their employees' needs for quick translations.

This add-on is suitable when,

  •  You quickly need obtain an understanding of any text; particularly when you don’t know if the text contains confidential and/or sensitive information, such as in an e-mail
  • You are on a tight deadline and need to produce quick and comprehensible translations of e.g. presentations, manuals and internal documents
  • You need to provide a quick answer in a language that is not your own

1-Hour Express

1-Hour Express allows you to translate up to 50 words within one hour. The job is completed by a professional, human translator. Simply upload your text and we will translate it within sixty minutes, during office hours. This service is focused on the language combinations that our customers request the most, i.e. you can order 1-Hour Express for any combination of the following languages: English, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish.

When you place your order in the Hub, the source text is sent directly to one of our translators without any unnecessary stops on the way! We have a team of translators on standby, and you can count on receiving a swift, professional translation.

This add-on is suitable when,

  • You need a quick and 100% correct translation
  • It is crucial that there are no misunderstandings in your communication

Term Base

The term base add-on gives you easy access to your terms and allows you to easily add new terms or new term bases. A term base contains approved company specific terminology, usually terms that are related to your specific area of business. The term base is often bilingual and sometimes even multilingual, depending on how many languages your company works with.

The integration of term bases make terminology management easy and more accessible. Proper term management can help improve consistency in your translations and can be useful in internal discussions about what terms to use.

This add-on is suitable when,

  • You want to gain full control of your term management.
  • You need a cloud-based solution that can be accessed from offices in multiple locations.

Memory Search

This add-on gives you easy access to previous translations that your company has ordered, in all your company’s source and target languages. If you are in any doubt about what word is usually used in one of the other company languages, just search for the word in question to view all sentences/phrases where the word/term is used within seconds. It is also possible to search for whole phrases. 

Businesses have often developed their own terminology as a part of their branding strategy but haven’t really had the time to create a term base. This add-on gives your employees easy access to all of your previous translations, enabling you to make it easier to maintain brand-consistency regardless of language.

This add-on is suitable when,

  • You want to be able to find previous translations, the database is automatically updated with every translation that we do for you.

  • You want to increase the quality of translations performed internally, employees can see how the same phrase/wording has been translated previously.