Semantix in numbers

Sure, we love words more than anything in this world, but the words we create together with our partners and customers make for some great numbers too.

Founded in 1969, we’ve seen the industry grow and develop. We’re dedicated to adopting new technologies and processes, to help you harness the power of language to build your business. And we’ve been known to lead the way.

Semantix is the 20th largest language company in the world, with the widest network of language professionals in Europe at your service – 7,000 of them! Our language professionals are spread over more than 60 countries, which makes for a real global presence wherever your business might take you.

Our 350 employees are spread across seven countries and 12 offices, which means that a helping hand is close by. If you have a problem, you can speak to someone who speaks your language.

An annual turnover of SEK 700 million gives you the security that we’ll be there for you tomorrow as well as today.

We’ve helped our customers and partners to thrive in 238 different languages, with around 87,000 projects completed each year. As we help so many different customers, with so many different languages and types of solutions, it’s a certainty we’ll be able to meet your needs as well.

Our team translates 290 million words each year and completes around 930 interpreting assignments each day. The words of our partners are the burning heart of what we do, and we consider it an honour to help you communicate seamlessly no matter what the language.