Improving localisation workflows: The benefits of working with a professional language provider

Subaru Nordic sells cars in the Nordic and the Baltic markets, and translation plays a vital role in their activities, as they produce extensive documentation relating to the cars such as instruction manuals and print-ready marketing material.

Subaru Forrester

Semantix supports Subaru Nordic in localising this material and making them ready for print. Petra Kalholm is service assistant at International Motors Nordic AB, parent company of Subaru Nordic. Kalholm works with Semantix for Subaru’s translations into Baltic languages and some of the Scandinavian languages.

“For us, translation is a necessity to communicate to each respective market in its local language. We also believe that a correct translation of the car instruction manual is something our customers have come to expect as standard.”

Since 2011, Subaru Nordic has collaborated with Semantix for translation services. At the onset of the partnership, Subaru Nordic’s translation process was decentralised. In addition to Semantix, Subaru Nordic works with third-party providers who are also stakeholders in the localisation process. To improve the workflow between all involved parties, Semantix has been coordinating and centralising the translation processes. Consultation on workflow management and increased translation memory reuse have produced cost savings and lead time improvements.

“Semantix is responsive to our needs, and the company understands our prerequisites and requirements very well. We also experience Semantix as proactive and open. They’re quick to reach out if there’s something we can improve on our side to simplify and speed up the translation process.”

Subaru Nordic values Semantix as a locally present language provider. Physical meetings are important for the relationship as is easy access to solutions to provide just-in-time service.

“We experience Semantix’s local presence in Malmö as a great advantage, and that they can solve our translation needs with very short lead times when needed.”

Looking to the future, Subaru Nordic sees the continued need to be present in many languages. The translation requirement is likely to be different in the future, as digitalisation continues and the need for thick instruction manuals is decreased.

“The future is bright for us to exist in more languages. This is important for our communication with our suppliers and customers. Translation will always be needed for different needs, and we believe that responsiveness, quick service and good communication have set the foundation for our productive collaboration with Semantix.”

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