Semantix climbs in the global ranking of the largest language companies

Semantix has advanced to number 14 in this year’s Common Sense Advisory global ranking of the largest language companies.

Each year, Common Sense Advisory ranks the world’s one hundred largest suppliers of translation, localisation and interpreting services, presenting them in a report on the global language market. Common Sense Advisory measures both the global market and local regions as defined by the UN, based on companies’ reported income and other financial information for the past year, and presents its forecast for the next few years. Semantix has been ranked as the Nordic region’s biggest language company since these measurements began.

According to Common Sense Advisory, there are many uncertainty factors affecting the global economy in general and ultimately also the language industry, but it takes a positive view of the language market over the coming years.

“The fact that Semantix is now the world’s fourteenth largest language company and remains the largest in the Nordic region confirms that we are on the right track,” says Anders Uddfors, CEO and Group President of Semantix.

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CEO and Group President
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