Apps and services that translates text in images 

The text-to-image apps and services that translate an image to text make it easy to convey your text from an image format. This tool enables you to easily convert text and symbols into top resolution in the output image. 

Extracting text from an image, PDF file, or scanned document is now easy. Luckily, you don't have to waste your time typing it all up since some apps and programs use OCR to examine the written content in an image and then turn them into text.   

Optical Character Recognition enables you to scan printed articles and extract text from pictures, making it easy to retrieve textual content from a picture and tweak it without manually typing everything in.   

How to use Google Photos to translate text in images  

Sometimes you may be in a situation where you need the textual content from an image, for instance, a quotation from a picture, the address of an image of a hotel bill.  

Google Photos have built-in Google Lens, which, through visual analysis, gets helpful information from any picture you want to extract any textual content from an image.   

Follow these steps   

1. Click on Photos to open and pick the picture. 

2. Click on the Google Lens symbol. 

3. Please wait a moment for the lens analysis to complete. 

4. From the pop-up window, choose Text Selection. 

This application helps you translate an entire website into the language you want. 

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Best apps for iphone and android apps that translate pictures   

Google Translate   

This free to use app is available for both Android and iPhone users. You can instantly translate textual content into 94 different languages ​​in pictures by simply pointing the camera at the image.   

If the translation is too fast for you or you prefer to choose text sections to translate, you can deactivate the instant function and go for the scan mode instead. Point your camera to the written content and tap the camera key.   

Touch Select all, and with the help of your finger, highlight the phrase you want to translate. Also, you can import images into the application. If you're aren't sure you have an internet connection, download and install the language pack you need, and this app works even offline.   

Abbyy TextGrabber   

Abbyy pioneered premium optical character recognition as a  technology for image translation. Its photo scanner and translation app offer text recognition in over 60 languages offline ​​and in real-time on the camera screen directly in over 100 languages ​​online and ten different languages ​​offline.   

Microsoft Translator   

This free application translates text from images into over 70 different languages ​​, and its created for Android and iPhone users. You need to tap the camera key and have an image for the application to work.   

Unlike the Google Translate software, Microsoft translator doesn't offer instant translation. Microsoft Translator works with images in either portrait or landscape format, making it perfect when you need to capture lengthier written content. Also, you can download and install languages ​​for offline use.   

The best app to translate Japanese and Chinese characters from an image 


If you are traveling east, Papago has incredible Asian language support such as Japanese, simplified Chinese, Korean, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian. When you get to this part of the world, you will be glad to have this app as your companion. Accessible for both Android and iPhone users, the Papago photo translator app is more accurate than Google Translate, which is inefficient when translating Asian languages.   


With this Android app, you can easily translate Japanese, Chinese, and Korean into English. Although the amount of time it translates is limited to ten per day, it's still an app to go for. You can easily upgrade by purchasing the premium version to access unlimited translations at any time.   

The best app to translate Arabic text from picture 


2OCR is free to use online optical character recognition that translates Arabic text from scanned images and documents for editing, formatting, indexing, searching, or translating.  It supports over 100 recognition languages. 2OCR offers Multi-column document analysis, and it's 100% free, has unlimited uploads, with no registration required.   

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