What are the best translation apps for Android in 2023?

Today, we can do almost anything with our smartphones and translation is no exception. There are hundreds of Android translation apps to choose from – let's have a look at some of the best in 2023.


      So many apps, so little time...

      With so many apps available, it’s difficult to know what the best translation app for Android is for you. Each app tends to have its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, some are more suited to translating between certain languages and don’t do so well with others. Some apps are more suited for business use and some are more suitable for chatting with friends on social media.

      Researching all the apps available is going to take you hours and hours of precious time. That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Read our list of the best translation apps for Android, including the pros and cons of each solution.

      Just before you dive in: If you’ve got an iPhone, you need to read our list of the best iPhone translation apps in 2023.

      The best translation apps for Android

      1. Offline Translator Speak and Translate Pro

      Offline Translator translates between eight languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish, Bulgarian and Chinese.

      Top handy features: Photo translation, automatic language detection and a built-in dictionary.

      • Pros: Easy to use and can work offline.
      • Cons: Can be slow and there are reported issues concerning a lack of product support.

      Price: £11.49

      2. Microsoft Translator

      A good all-round translator app offering translations between over seventy languages. This app can translate text, voice, conversations and photos.

      Top handy feature: Conversation feature provides a ‘group chat’ facility where participants use their own phones and text is translated to your chosen language.

      • Pros: One of the better apps for business and academic use.
      • Cons: The user interface doesn’t feel very intuitive and some features don’t work in certain languages.

      Price: Free.

      3. Dictionary Linguee

      Not a translation app in the pure sense, Dictionary Linguee is an app-based dictionary and phrasebook.

      Top handy feature: You don’t just get a word-for-word translation, instead you’re given examples of your translation used in context.

      • Pros: Free and easy to use, audio pronunciations, sentence examples, no annoying ads.
      • Cons: Limited functionality and fewer available languages than some other apps.

      Price: Free.

      4. BK Translate

      BK Translate isn’t one app that does it all, it’s several that all do their little bit when it comes to multilingual translations. For example, you can download the German to English, Italian to English, Japanese to English app and so on.

      Top handy feature: The app is lightweight so won’t take up too much space on your smartphone.

      • Pros: Very simple to use, free and not stuffed with ads.
      • Cons: Only available to pair with English and you’re going to need several apps if you’re communicating in multiple languages.

      Price: Free.

      5. Google Translate

      Still one of the best translation apps for Android, Google Translate holds a big share of the translation app marketplace. Google Translate features over a hundred language choices and can even translate from photos taken with your phone’s camera – no more struggling to order your meal on holiday.

      Top handy features: Handwriting translations and voice translations.

      • Pros: No- ads or in-app purchases, plenty of support and regular updates.
      • Cons: Google Translate and many other translation apps shouldn’t be used for translating sensitive information. Once you enter your text or voice input, your information becomes the property of Google and it can use the data as it wishes.

      Price: Free.

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      6. SayHi

      A no-frills translation app based on Microsoft’s technology, teamed with vocal recognition software.

      Top handy feature: Great for simple, two-way communication.

      • Pros: A good app to have on hand for ‘language barrier emergencies’. SayHi is so easy to use, you can pull it out of your pocket, start it up and reap the benefits without having to spend time learning how to use it.
      • Cons: SayHi is easy to use because it’s very basic! If you need an app that can cope with anything more than translating a few keywords or phrases now and then, you may needmight want to look for something more sophisticated.

      Price: Free.

      7. Naver Papago

      The Naver Papago app is packed with features. You can translate text, images and speech. It also provides a handy dictionary for each supported language.

      Top handy feature: Handwriting translations.

      • Pros: Works offline and is free to download. Consistently rated as better than Google Translate at translating between Korean, Japanese and Chinese. Good support provided by an extensive set of FAQs and a ticket creation facility.
      • Cons: Only supports thirteen languages and is weighted towards Korean. Some of the other best translation apps for Android offer lots more language choices.

      Price: Free.

      8. Text Grabber

      An app that enables you to take a photograph of a piece of text and translate it without the need to be online – always useful when you’re on the move or travelling abroad.

      Top handy feature: Offline translations.

      • Pros: Great support, easy to use and a useful free version available.
      • Cons: In-app purchases required to make use of the more sophisticated features.

      Price: There is a free version with limited functionality. In-app purchases are between $1.99 and $17.99 per item.

      9. Trip Lingo

      Trip Lingo has lots of attractive features for keen learners of new languages. You get a ten-thousand-word offline dictionary and voice translation for nineteen languages.

      Top handy features: Lessons and quizzes to test your new language skills.

      • Pros: Access to a live translator for $3 per minute.
      • Cons: You'll need to make in-app purchases to access the most useful features.

      Price: Free version available with premium options between $9.99 and $100 per item.

      10. iTranslate

      The free version translates between over a hundred languages. Upgrade to the premium version and you can access useful features like verb conjugations and offline translations.

      Top handy feature: Choose to hear translations in either a male or female voice.

      • Pros: Plenty of language choices and the ability to choose different dialects.
      • Cons: Pricey in-app purchases.

      Price: Free version available with in-app purchases between $2.99 and $43.99 per item.


      If you're looking for the best translation apps for Android, choose the app that’s going to give you the features you need for the best value. There are plenty out there, but not all are suited to every purpose. Also, don’t forget about the limitations that many apps have. If data security is important to you, consider a secure machine translation application like Semantix’ machine translation.

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