What are the best translation apps for iPhone in 2023?

Each translation app for iPhone is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’. To help you find the perfect app for your iPhone, here are ten of the best in 2023.


      Just before you dive in: If you’ve got an Android smartphone, you need to read our list of the best Android translation apps in 2023.

      The best translation apps for iPhone

      1. Apple Translate

      If you’ve got an iPhone with iOS 14 or higher, you already have a capable translator in your pocket. Just tap the app and select your language pair. There are eleven languages to pick from.

      Top handy feature: Offline mode for voice and text translations. Apple says this: "Advanced on-device intelligence lets you translate your voice from one language to another. The app detects your language and provides the translated text and audio in the target language. Downloaded languages can be translated using voice, even without an Internet connection.”

      • Pros: You’ve probably already got it and, if you don’t, just update your iOS to 14 or above. Apple also does a pretty good job of preserving user privacy so no data is transferred to the company.
      • Cons: No photo or handwriting translation features – yet.

      Price: Free with your iPhone.

      2. SpeakText

      SpeakText can translate full documents or web pages into speech. It has a choice of over a hundred different voices and translates in over fifty languages.

      Top handy feature: Get SpeakText to read your morning newspaper to you when you’re on holiday.

      • Pros: You can adjust the speed of your chosen voice and ask it to translate any page on the internet as well as standard documents.
      • Cons: The developer, BorG Technology Corp, hasn’t provided details on App Store about its privacy policies.

      Price: Free with in-app purchases.

      3. Translate Me

      Translate Me is a powerful tool that’s simple to use. You can use it to translate text, speech and even have real-time translated conversations.

      Top handy feature: 3D Touch and Tap&Hold support to pick another language instantly while you’re translating.

      • Pros: Voice translations into forty languages and text translations into over one hundred. That’s plenty of choices.
      • Cons: Pricey in-app purchases and upgrades compared with some other translation apps for iPhone.

      Price: Free version, various premium subscription levels and in-app purchases.

      4. Microsoft Translator

      A capable translation app that’s currently rated an average of 4.8 out of 5 on App Store by over a quarter of a million users – that's an incredible feedback rating! You can translate text, voice, conversations or photos to over seventy languages.

      Top handy feature: The conversation feature provides a ‘group chat’ facility that enables easy communication between groups of friends, even if they all speak a different language.

      • Pros: Translations between over seventy languages and impressive accuracy for an app.
      • Cons: Some of the less common languages offered – Hebrew, for example – are reported to be less accurately translated than the more widely spoken options such as Spanish, English, German, French and Italian.

      Price: Free.

      5. Google Translate

      Google’s translation app for iPhone is still one of the best out there and is consistently rated highly. It has over a hundred language choices and can translate from photos and handwriting.

      Top handy features: Handwriting translations, photo translations and voice translations.

      • Pros: Free with no ads or in-app purchases, good support and regular improvements.
      • Cons: Google Translate doesn’t do a good job when it comes to your data security. Your text or voice input becomes the property of Google and it can use the data as it wishes.

      Price: Free.

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      6. Naver Papago

      Naver Papago’s translation app for iPhone is impressively feature-heavy. It translates text, images and speech and has a useful dictionary included for each language.

      Top handy features: Handwriting translations, works offline and it’s free.

      • Pros: It’s better than Google Translate at translating between Korean, Japanese and Chinese. All the features are free with no in-app purchases.
      • Cons: Just translates thirteen languages. It’s a good translation app for iPhone choice if you’re looking for Korean, Chinese or Japanese translations but there are better options for more commonly spoken languages.

      Price: Free.

      7. SayHi

      An easy-to-use translation app for iPhone that uses Microsoft’s proven technology.

      Top handy feature: Choose either a male or female voice and adjust the speed of translated speech output.

      • Pros: Regular useful updates and improvements. 100% free with no annoying ads or premium features.
      • Cons: No offline translations.

      Price: Free.

      8. Trip Lingo

      Trip Lingo is a good choice if you’re serious about learning a new language rather than just looking to get by on holiday. As well as the more common translation features, it has a ten-thousand-word offline dictionary and voice translation for nineteen languages.

      Top handy features: Lessons and quizzes to hone your language skills.

      • Pros: Access to a live translator for $3 per minute.
      • Cons: The better features aren’t available for free.

      Price: Free version available with premium options and in-app purchases.

      9. iTranslate

      Even the free version of this translation app for iPhone offers over a hundred language choices. The premium version has some pretty heavyweight translation tools too, such as help with verb conjugations and the use of past/present tenses. It's rated an impressive average of 4.7 by nearly half a million reviewers on App Store.

      Top handy feature: Translations in a male or female voice.

      • Pros: A very capable app offering facilities that are lacking in its competitors. A good choice for serious users.
      • Cons: The best features are only available as in-app purchases.

      Price: Free version available with in-app purchases.

      10. Dictionary Linguee

      Dictionary Linguee is an app-based dictionary and phrasebook used by millions.

      Top handy features: Lots of examples of your translated text used in the right context.

      • Pros: Free and straightforward to use. Audio pronunciations and no ads.
      • Cons: A few bugs that have been known about for some time but left unfixed. Fewer available languages than some other translation apps for iPhone.

      Price: Free.


      Choosing the right translation app for iPhone shouldn’t feel like a minefield. Find the right app for your needs using our list and save yourself time and effort.

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