Free voice-over generators: 11 tools reviewed

Discover 11 free voice-over generators to add a professional touch to your content without breaking the bank! Read on to find the right tool for you.


      Voice-overs have become a crucial aspect of multimedia productions, including videos, animations and eLearning courses. They help to convey a message effectively and engage the audience. However, professional voice-over artists can be expensive. That's where free voice-over generating software comes in handy.

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      Here are 11 types of software voice-over generator, all available – to some extent at least – free of charge.

      1. Speechify

      Speechify is a voice-over software that leverages the latest AI technology to offer users access to real-time speech with natural-sounding voices. The software is available on all major platforms and supports a wide range of languages and voices.

      One of the stand-out features of Speechify is its ability to generate high-quality text-to-speech output in over 60 languages using cutting-edge OCR technology and deep learning. Additionally, users have the flexibility to adjust the speed and pitch of the voices to their liking.

      Speechify's VIP support is available to assist users with any issues they may encounter while using the software. A premium upgrade is also available for those who require additional features.

      2. VoiceGenerator

      If you are in need of a user-friendly, cost-free voice-over generator, VoiceGenerator offers a simple solution. Just visit the website to convert your text into audio in a matter of seconds, without having to create an account. VoiceGenerator offers various voices and languages, including English, French, Spanish and Hindi.

      It is also possible to adjust the speed and pitch of the voice. However, it is worth noting that the quality of the voice may depend on the browser you are using since VoiceGenerator utilises the voices provided by your browser.

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      3. Balabolka

      Balabolka is an effective and practical text-to-speech tool that offers a wide range of language support and customisation options for its users. It is a free text-to-speech tool that is exclusively designed for the Windows operating system, supporting a range of file formats such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, EPUB and PPT. It also allows users to adjust the speed and pitch of the voice-over as desired. This software employs Microsoft Speech API (SAPI 5) which offers an extensive selection of language options including English, Ukrainian, Russian, Georgian, Portuguese and various Indic languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi and Kannada.

      In addition, Balabolka allows users to save their narrated documents as audio files, making them easily accessible for future use. This feature is particularly useful for individuals who struggle with reading text off a screen.

      4. TTS Sketch Maker

      TTS Sketch Maker is a highly regarded software that enables users to generate text-to-speech Whiteboard videos that sound like human narration. This versatile program is ideal for educators who want to create instructional videos for students or companies that need to train their staff. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, TTS Sketch Maker supports multiple video formats, including MP4, MKV, AVI and WMV.

      With a purchase of TTS Sketch Maker, you will gain access to 25 distinct human voices to use in your voice over production. You will also receive instructional videos, impressive fonts and animated images to enhance your videos further. Whether you plan to use it for your online class or to supplement your Zoom meetings, TTS Sketch Maker is an excellent choice for generating high-quality voice-over Whiteboard videos.

      5. Voicebooking

      Voicebooking is a software that lets you transform your text files into audio files, with the added benefit of being able to adjust the speed and pitch of the voice-over. Moreover, the software provides natural pauses and emphasis where required within sentences.

      You can sign up for a free trial on the Voicebooking website, where you can paste your text and the voice-over generator will take care of the rest. For more advanced software features, including access to 300 voices in over 60 languages, you will need to purchase Voicebooking. The software offers three different paid options to choose from: Budget, Professional and Studio.

      6. Text2VoiceOver

      If you are looking for a free, online voice-over generator to add voice-overs to your videos, Text2VoiceOver is a great option. This software offers automatic text-to-speech conversion, creating separate MP3 files for each piece of text, that you can easily merge with your video. One of the best features of Text2VoiceOver is that you can control when the text-to-speech conversion begins and ends. The software supports 13 different languages with 15 voices to choose from.

      While the free version of Text2VoiceOver allows you to create individual audio files for each piece of text, the paid version provides more advanced features. With the paid version, you can create separate voice overs for each file, convert text-to-speech for longer videos up to 20 minutes and even edit and merge the audio you generate.


      VoiceOverMaker is a text-to-speech app designed for YouTube video creators. This app offers an array of excellent text-to-speech features, allowing you to change the pitch and speed of your voice-over. In addition, you can also edit videos and generate voice-overs. With over 600 natural voices and 30 languages and accents, VoiceOverMaker offers a wide range of options to choose from, including English, Arabic, Finnish, Catalan, Chinese, Hindi and Greek. Once you create your voice-over, you can easily convert it to MP3, MP4, or WAV files and download them with the application.

      You can register for the free version of VoiceOverMaker on their website, which has a limit of converting only 800 characters. If you want a voice over that is longer than 800 characters, you must purchase one of the three paid versions available – Standard, Medium and Large – to fit your needs.


        With VoiceoverMaker, users can easily convert their text and video files into high-quality audio using over 100 natural-sounding voices across 33 languages including English, Danish, Korean, Dutch, Icelandic and Italian. Additionally, users can customise the audio with natural-sounding pauses and whispers.

        The software offers a free trial, which requires registration, but purchasing the software is required to access all the features. VoiceoverMaker also provides unique category-based voices for Animation & Gaming, Kids Stories and Financial Services, which users can check out on their website for free. Overall, VoiceoverMaker offers a range of features to enhance your voice-over creation process.

        9. TTSReader

        TTSReader is an intuitive voice-over software that allows you to convert your documents into audio free of charge. It has a user-friendly interface and requires no registration or sign-in process. You can either copy and paste your text or upload your files directly to the website and TTSReader will convert them to audio instantly. The software provides you with several natural-sounding voices to choose from, along with the ability to customise voice speed and gender.

        TTSReader also functions as a Chrome extension and remembers where you stopped reading, bookmarking the text to resume later. Additionally, it is available as an app for Android and iOS, but downloading the audio files is only possible on Windows devices.

        10. NaturalReader Software

        NaturalReader voice-over software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. With its easy installation process, users can enjoy its features without delay. Users can upload their eBooks, PDF files and even webpages to the software and listen to their contents with its text-to-speech function. The software also includes a floating toolbar feature that enables users to have websites read aloud to them.

        For those with visual impairments, this feature is particularly helpful. While the free version only includes limited features, paid versions are available for Mac and Windows, providing users access to six natural-sounding voices in multiple languages, such as English, Swedish, Italian, German and French. Additionally, users can convert their text narrations to audio files for future use and upload scanned documents and images for text-to-speech conversion. and French. Additionally, users can convert their text narrations to audio files for future use and upload scanned documents and images for text-to-speech conversion.

        11. NaturalReader Online

        This is an online alternative to NaturalReader Software and can be used as a free voice-over generator as a Chrome extension. It offers editing of pronunciation and bookmarking sections of text to read later, as well as access to over 100 natural voices in 16 languages. While there is a free version, it limits usage to 20 minutes per day. Paid monthly subscriptions are available with access to the complete range of features.

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