The best text-to-speech apps for iPhone

Text-to-speech on iPhone can be a useful assistive technology that reads digital text on your iPhone loudly and clearly, and helps you write, edit and enhance your focus.


      Multitasking is now more effortless with text-to-speech technology, whether at the workplace, home or school.

      Some text-to-speech apps for iPhones even offer some accessibility features. This list brings out the best text-to-speech apps for iPhone available for download.

      One of the most outstanding functions of text-to-speech apps is that they highlight words on your iPhone as they are read aloud. This makes it easier for you to see and listen to the text at the same time. Natural and human voices can read any file’s format with ease. [MR3]

      The best text-to-speech apps for iPhone


      This app does everything it promises. Simple and elegant, it offers 95 distinctive voices and 38 different languages ​​to pick from, and enables you to adjust the pitch and speed of the voice, allowing you to have complete control. Just begin typing in the app and the words will be pronounced.

      The application also allows you to copy the written content you have typed to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere.

      Voice Aloud Reader

      Voice Aloud Reader is a powerful and responsive application that will save you time reading out digital text from books, websites and anything else you type into the application. It has various languages ​​but only three English voices.

      While the options for English voices are limited, the application makes up for it with its unique capabilities and functions.

      Voice Aloud Reader has an integrated web browser that you can use to browse web pages and add them to the app for reading. You can import your documents by clicking the add icon in the upper right corner.

      This application, used in concurrence with the Window’s text-to-speech software, enables you to save time by listening to the written content instead of reading it.

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      This application offers three simple tabs: the recordings you have previously saved; one for the actual speech output; and the final one for settings. You can adjust the voice speed rate and pitch, choosing from a wide variety of voices and a considerable range of languages.

      You can share the audio recordings via social messaging applications like Messenger or WhatsApp, or save them for later use.


      This app is very responsive and has a user-friendly interface that enables you to learn the application’s design in minutes. Use the centre box to type words and then tap the Speak button to play them. Speak4Me applications let you change the audio pitch and speed using the controls just under the Talk button.

      Speak app allows you to export your entire file history as single audio recordings or as a CSV file. There is a good selection of voices and languages ​​available. Unfortunately, there’s no way to import web pages or books, so you have to copy and paste written content from an e-book or a web page.

      Also, there isn’t an in-app function to use during a phone call; instead, you can use a speakerphone during a call.

      IOS Native Text-to-Speech

      iOS has a powerful native text-to-speech function that you can activate via the settings. This feature has a few distinctive voices for various languages, with more available for download. You can adjust the text-to-speech speed rate and turn on the highlighting of the spoken text so that you can follow it more easily.

      If you want, you will also be able to read the content as you type, and you can turn on Long Press to Speak to help you find the right word to use in a text message.

      One excellent and unique function of the iOS native text language is adding personalised pronunciations that you can spell out or dictate. It’s not possible to see a history of the converted text-to-speech, but it is possible to use online tools to convert text-to-speech to MP3 audio.


      In video production, text-to-speech apps can be used as an affordable alternative to voice-over.

      Additionally, text-to-speech apps can be used as a customer service tool. If you are a business that provides customer support, this can be a great way to offer assistance to your customers without having to speak to them on the phone.

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