Boost your reach by using multilingual audio descriptions

Audio description provides a spoken narration to describe plot pertinent visual elements of your video. This ensures that a wider audience can understand and enjoy your visually led content, including those who are visually impaired.

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Audio description services

Audio description services

Our multilingual audio description service enables you to add narration to your content in more than 170 languages.

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Using audio descriptions on your video content means:

Breaking down the barriers of visual-only content and boosting your reach

Delivering global accessibility and complying with essential EU directives

Reaching more people with your public broadcasts or streamed content


Boost the accessibility of your video content

It’s important that content is accessible to people, whatever their communication needs. That’s why the EU accessibility directives exist. Multilingual audio descriptions help make sure that your content complies with the relevant standards and reaches as many people as possible around the world. Whether you’re streaming a high volume of content or producing a one-off video, we can help.
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We offer:

Hundreds of male and female voice actors to choose from

Audio files in multiple common formats

Advice on EU accessibility directive compliance

Audio descriptions in more than 170 different languages and dialects

The right voice for your business

The right voice for your business

Different voices can evoke different emotions and expectations; they can even influence how we feel about products.

That’s why it’s important to choose the right voice actor for your multilingual audio descriptions.We have male and female voice actors, and can supply native speakers of more than 170 languages, including local dialects.

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A full-service partner, from brief to delivery

We’re happy to provide as much help as you need. We can create your script, produce your audio descriptions and deliver your finished audio files in a suitable file format. Or we can work with you on only one part of your audio description project.

Wherever you need our support, we’re ready to step in.

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