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Are your videos easily understood by your hearing-impaired audience? You’ve invested in your video content and it’s doing its job well. But is it accessible to your whole audience? If you’re not supplying good subtitling, you risk your content being difficult to understand for audience members who have hearing loss.

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We can create SDH (Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of hearing) in more than 170 languages to improve the media experience for members of your global audience who are hearing impaired.

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Tell us what languages your global audience speaks and we’ll create the SDH subtitles, from translation to production. We can also create your source content if required. Multilingual SDH subtitles help you to reach more people, wherever they are in the world. We work with many different types of organisations, including:

Public and private broadcasters who want to boost their reach

Streaming platforms with high volume requirements

Public organisations striving to meet EU accessibility directives


What are multilingual SDH subtitles?

SDH subtitles explain more than just the spoken words in your video content. They deliver text to identify other sounds, such as who is speaking, music and environmental noises. This helps your audience to understand context and plot details.
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SDH subtitles are similar to closed captions, which we also offer. Closed captions are usually provided in HEX encoding, while SDH subtitles can be viewed as regular text and are delivered in SRT, VTT or any other subtitling format you require.

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We offer:

Multilingual SDH subtitles with markers for speakers, music and other sound cues

Conversion of regular subtitles to SDH subtitles or closed captions

Advice on meeting the standards required for EU accessibility compliance

SDH in over 170 languages

Closed captioning services

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Comply with EU accessibility directives

The EU accessibility directives exist to make sure content is accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a public broadcaster or a private company, the directives apply to your videos.

Our SDH subtitles save you the time and money of dealing with non-compliance issues. If you need any advice on ensuring that your content complies, just ask... we’re accessibility experts.
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