Maintaining your tone of voice

Your words are important. To you, to your customers, but also to us. What you say and how you say it is paramount to achieving your targets and engaging your audiences.

When communicating in multiple languages, it’s important to retain not only your tone of voice and your brand personality, but also the unique terminology that makes you special in the eyes of your audiences. Preserving and transferring these elements is a key aspect of a successful relationship with a language service provider. Fortunately, it’s something we’re quite good at.

With that firmly in mind, there’s a host of services to help take your content to the next level in any language or market. From creating a style guide and preserving or adapting your tonality across languages, to consistent global product roll-outs through our terminology management services. With Semantix as your partner, your intended brand communication is ensured in all your markets.

An active partner in the translation process

At the start of each project, you can discuss briefs for translation and request sample translations of a job to make sure the copy is aligned with your expectations.

Occasionally, it will be important for you to play more of an active role in the translation process with market validation. We have online tools to make sure you can interact with, edit and review translations quickly and smoothly.

Here are the most frequently used types of translations used by our customers to secure their tone of voice and terminology:

Machine translation: Let the machine do the work to help you understand the essence of a text – fast and easy.

Translation: Our network of professional translators ensures you the texts you need, including your individual terminology.

Review services: Whether based on human or machine translations, our review service secures the right use of your terminology and improves the style, tone and flow of your written material.

Transcreation: If you want a market-adapted translation that takes local contexts and nuances into account, we can ensure this without losing the essence of the source content.

Copywriting: Sometimes translation isn’t enough on its own and your target text needs to be uniquely created to be fit for purpose. Our linguists can write your target texts from scratch based on your reference material and briefs.

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