Translating your technical manuals

Your manuals have to be clear to international customers, whatever language they speak. Our technical manual translation service means you can enjoy peace of mind that your instructions are fully understood.

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Technical manual translation to over 200 languages by experts in your industry

Your industry uses specific terminology that your customers understand. So, your technical manuals need to use that same terminology in whatever language they’re produced. You can rely on our experienced translators to make sure your important instructions are exact in every translation. Whether your content is in text, audio or video format, our translators can localise your manuals to over 200 languages.

Fast, accurate translations of your industry terminology and company style

Optional machine translation with post-editing

Manual translations for every industry that needs to speak another language

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Ensure your manuals are technically accurate in every language

To ensure your company’s voice is consistent in every translation, we use translation memories and terminology management. This helps keep your costs down by making the process quicker as translators have instant access to a knowledge base of terms specific to your company.

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Whatever your industry, we have experts ready to work with you

If your product needs a manual and your customer base is international, we can help you make sure your instructions are understood loud and clear in every language.

We’re experienced in working with all manufacturing industries: automotive, home electronics, kitchenware and more.

Customer stories - Subaru Nordic

For us, translation is a necessity to communicate to each respective market in its local language. We also believe that a correct translation of the car instruction manual is something our customers have come to expect as standard.

Subaru Nordic sells cars in the Nordic and the Baltic markets, and translation plays a vital role in their activities, as they produce extensive documentation relating to the cars such as instruction manuals and print-ready marketing material.
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We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013. Our translation activities are certified to IS0 17100:2015. Our excellent quality standards are due to our attention to detail, speed of delivery and depth of industry knowledge.

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Whatever your manual translation needs are, we’re here to help

Every project is unique and is important to us, no matter what its scope, size or requirements. That’s why we spend time getting to know you and exactly what you need to achieve. What you can expect from us:

Your technical manuals translated for a global audience

Accurate terminology and industry-specific language

Peace of mind your machine translations are understood in very language

Translations that maintain your brand’s unique voice - we can create a style guide to use for all your future communications

Reduced time spent on management tasks by using our project management and Language Hub

Save time on project management

Order overview in Semantix Language Hub

Save time on project management

Our optional Language Hub gives you real-time access to an overview of your project and your budget spend. This frees up the time you previously spent on project management and leaves you with more time to spend on other important tasks.

You get on with your business while we look after the business of manual translation.

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Meet legislation requirements and specific customer needs

When your instructional manuals or user guides need to be translated to meet legislation, our service means you’re not going to be slowed down by language issues. This means reducing both costs and precious time spent on editing translated material that doesn’t meet standards.

Breaking into a new international market or launching a new product that needs a translated manual is often time-sensitive. That’s why we make sure our services are fast as well as accurate.

Are your machine translations letting you down?

When you need to carry out bulk manual translations, machine translation is one of your options. But machine translations can let you down. No machine has the ability to translate like a human language expert. We offer post-editing of machine translations so you can rest assured your manuals are accurate and clear to multilingual readers.

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