Finding your fit-for-purpose language technology

Väderstad aims to make their customers more successful farmers with their high-performing farming machines. We interviewed Patrik Eksell, Inhouse Production Manager at Väderstad, to get his view on why language is important for Väderstad and how he sees the collaboration with Semantix.

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For Väderstad, translation is necessary as part of their market expansion activities to reach their buyers, but also to adhere to EU regulation.

“We adjust our product portfolio to our markets. To support our products, we need to supply technical documentation, and currently we translate into 22 languages.”

At the same time, as more and more of Väderstad’s text production is turning digital, Väderstad has come a long way in implementing language technology to improve the overall localisation experience. Different internal user groups have different needs and by implementing Semantix solutions these needs are targeted. Väderstad uses Semantix' tool for instant secure machine translations.

“Our management uses machine translation as a valuable tool to quickly translate internal information into different languages across the company. We also use it to translate internal training material. Before, this was a tedious and time-consuming process that we had to solve in-house.”

Väderstad’s internal editors also use Semantix Language Hub, a platform to facilitate the ordering process, where they experience an easy-to-use environment for placing translation orders. Using this platform Väderstad receives searchability, structure and historical overview of their translation orders. They also use Language Hub’s add-ons for termbase and translation memory searches. Using the right terminology in the right context is important for their technical manuals, and Semantix has supported Väderstad in developing and iterating terminology to support translations. The terminology resources are now easily accessible and searchable in Language Hub for all Väderstad users.

“Using the termbase search function in Language Hub is an efficient way for us to find the right term to use when we write our own texts.”

Going forward, Väderstad and Semantix see opportunities for further developing and growing the collaboration using more language technology. Efforts have been put into maintaining translation memories which that can be used to enhance machine translation.

“We expect synergies between machine translation technology and our language tools. We expect to use more machine translation even to support translations demanding industry-specific terminology.”

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