How to simplify your translation with integrations and connections

When working with and managing languages there’s a lot of repetitive tasks that need to be carried out quickly and frequently.

Exporting, updating, organising and importing content before, during and after translation—all tasks that suck up your time, even if you’re using applications to help like CMS, SSMS or PIM systems. Add more languages and your workload just goes up and up.

How can you automate and simplify these small tasks to free up time, save costs and stay sane?

If you have a sizable localisation and translation need, exploring the options of connecting your applications to your translation supplier may be just what you’re looking for. You’ll open up the ability to get a full overview of your operations with the potential to save you countless man-hours, shorten time to market and reduce your manual work in the process.

What’s a connector solution?

Good question. A good connector solution will ease your workload by automating the small tasks that you shouldn’t really be dealing with in the first place.

  • You’ll have a frictionless way to import and export your content.

  • Errors associated with manual importing and exporting will go down.

  • You’ll be able automate your translation ordering process.

  • Past projects and ongoing translations can be easily monitored and managed as part of your workflow.

  • You’ll soon begin to save time and money.

Sounds interesting? Let us help you find the best solution.