Read Emails and Documents out Loud with these Apps

The best speech apps make reading documents out loud easier, whether on your PC, tablet, or mobile phone. A text-to-speech tool can increase productivity in your working life, so it’s no surprise that people are increasingly relying on such programs to help get through the jobs on a long to-do list.


      The best free apps and software that read text aloud


      There are several ways you can use Balabolka's free text and speech software: by copying and pasting the textual content into the software or by opening various supported file formats such as HTML, .DOC, and .PDF files directly from the program.

      For the output, you can either use full SAPI 4 with eight distinctive voices, SAPI 5 with two different voices, or the Microsoft language platform. You can easily adjust the playback volume, language, and pitch to create a personalised voice with whichever route you follow.

      You can use this free-to-use text and speech program to save narrations as recorded audio files in various formats, such as .WAV and .MP3. You can create bookmarks for lengthy documents.

      Panopreter Basic

      This free app reads any textual content and converts text to speech. It reads with human-like voices and converts the written content into audio files in .MP3 and .WAV formats.

      You can alter the volume and reading speed of the voice. The word or phrase read is highlighted. The app also supports several languages and features batch file conversion.

      Natural Reader Online Reader

      This software is a free-to-use text and language tool that you can use in two ways. The first option is to upload documents to your library and listen to them from there. The app supports an impressive range of files, such as various e-book formats. The app also lets you upload a photo or scan textual content and have the software read it to you.

      The software also has a floating toolbar option, which allows you to point out written content in any app and convert it to speech. You can use the function in your word processor, web browser, and a variety of other programs. There is also an integrated browser for even easier text-to-speech conversion while exploring the web.

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      Services for browsers/PC/ Mac

      FoxVox Mozilla plugin

      FoxVox reads any highlighted text on a web page. FoxVox is also great at converting written content into podcasts or audiobooks. To boost productivity, the app also lets you listen to emails or documents etc. while you multi-task.

      GhostReader (Mac)

      This is a text-to-speech application that enables you to listen to textual content on your Mac. The application lets you import written content in almost all formats, and listen to it on the go.

      Audio Book (Mac)

      This handy application for Mac OS X allows you to convert any written content, from purchased e-books or iBooks into audiobooks in .MP3 and .AIFF format. It supports more than 50 voices and 38 distinctive languages.

      Services for Android and iPhone

      Text to speech! (iPhone)

      This application provides text-to-speech functionality with the possibility, among other things, of adjusting the pitch and speed of reading, highlighting the spoken text, marking texts as favourites, grouping the favourites in folders, and exporting the voice to audio files.

      The app can also be used offline.


      This app provides text-to-speech support along with numerous reading and writing resources. It is helpful for tasks that require researching, reading, and writing.

      The application's web browser eliminates advertisements and reorganises the layout of a site to present simple, straightforward text to the user. Also, the app contains a dyslexia-compatible font that you can easily switch on or off.

      Read and Write

      This program is available for Chrome tablets and browsers. This app has text-to-speech and ‘Speak As I Type’ functions. Its alternate keyboard and functionalities increase accessibility for basic tablet tasks like sending email, writing and reading.

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