What does globalisation involve?

In contrast to internationalisation and localisation, globalisation includes every step required in order to reach a global market. The general definition given for globalisation is usually something like a process that involves linking the countries of the world closer together.

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Globalisation is all the work carried out to reach markets with different languages and cultures. Both internationalisation and localisation are needed in order for globalisation to be effective.

What is required in order to globalise a product?

In order to globalise a product, the producer must include every stage needed to achieve the stated goal, in other words a product that is adapted and comprehensible for all the markets identified. The ambition is to create a product, such as a piece of software, a handbook or marketing material that is technically and culturally neutral, or easily adapted, together with everything else needed for a launch. This could include having salespeople in place, payments systems, warehousing and delivery systems, marketing and so on.

Successful globalisation requires thinking about the above early on in the process, but obviously the efforts involved will vary enormously depending on the product and the desired target markets. We can help you to find exactly what you need.

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