Integrating with Semantix

Junglemap: Building your own connector using Semantix REST API

Junglemap invented NanoLearning in 2006 with a mission to reinvent awareness. With a focus on continuous learning and short e-learning lessons, its market is global. Junglemap offers customisable NanoLearning courses/processes to facilitate learning across organisations.

To be relevant in different markets, the ability to translate and localise the content of the NanoLearning courses/processes is important. In 2016, Junglemap began working with Semantix for translation. Semantix saw the potential to simplify and remove manual tasks associated with translation with a fully automated and digital translation process. In early 2019, Junglemap and Semantix started a project to build customised integration between Junglemap and Semantix systems.

To facilitate a fully digital process for translation, as seen from the NanoLearning author or administrator, we engaged with Semantix to reach this goal.

Using Semantix open Rest API, Junglemap built an integration to Semantix Language Hub using their own developer resources. The aim was to facilitate the process of sending and receiving translation orders, with the consultancy and best practices support of Semantix. In the summer of 2019, the connector was implemented, fully owned by Junglemap.

Today, a Junglemap customer can send translation orders through the connector to Semantix for multiple languages. The connector removes the need to manually extract and import NanoLearning courses/processes in the NanoLearning platform. Instead, the translation orders and content submission take place automatically without manual user involvement.

The goal for Semantix is to continue to support Junglemap in finding ways to speed up translation workflows through automation.

Would you like to build your own connector using Semantix REST API?