Fjällräven – streamlining content localisation with GlobalLink Connect

From its Swedish birthplace, Fjällräven expanded throughout Scandinavia and then into Europe. A multilingual marketplace requires a creative and holistic language solution to thrive and grow. Large volumes of content are sometimes needed quickly to minimise a product’s time to market and to cultivate time-sensitive international marketing trends.

The company is a premium outdoor clothing and equipment retailer with strong core values geared towards nature conservation and global sustainability. It was founded in 1960 by innovative adventurer Åke Nordin. The first product he developed was an aluminium-framed backpack. Sixty years later, the company’s range includes clothing for men, women, and children as well as camping equipment and other accessories.

Fjällräven’s home is the small Swedish town of Örnsköldsvik, which is surrounded by beautiful countryside. The brand advocates enjoyment of the natural world, while always respecting the environment, and that nature should be there for everyone to enjoy for generations to come.

Alongside marketing content, Fjällräven often needs to create new product descriptions and website information. Creating a lot of multilingual content quickly requires consistent quality standards and streamlined workflows. To meet these challenges, the brand recognised the value of improving and expanding its translation and localisation strategies. This would help them deliver a better user experience in markets around the globe. As Fjällräven says:

The term ‘room for improvement’ is ingrained in all of us.

Fjällräven chose GlobalLink Connect as its language solution. This enabled the brand to simplify its content creation in nine different languages across eleven different marketplaces with virtually no IT overheads.

Fjällräven’s head of digital strategy says:

GlobalLink Connect for InRiver enables us to be much more efficient, cut out a lot of manual costs, and deliver more consistent cross-border user experiences with much higher product quality information.

As Fjällräven’s language partner, we look forward to helping the brand expand its global footprint over the coming years. Nature exists for everyone to enjoy and learn from, no matter the language they speak. Together with Fjällräven, we believe that content should be the same.

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