Former In-house translator

Miia worked as an in-house translator at Semantix. Her work mainly involved translating medical texts from Finnish into Swedish.

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Here at Semantix we receive many different types of text for translation, and our customers include everyone from private individuals to multinational corporations. Roughly speaking, translations can be divided up into four subcategories: commercial translation, translations of official documents, subtitling and literary translation. Semantix’s translators mainly translate texts that come under categories 1 and 2.

The answer to the question of whether there’s one good reason to work with a single language company is the classic: “No, there are many good reasons!” Here are ten good reasons – get in touch if you want even more!

Do you need a translation? One convenient way of dealing with this is to contact a translation agency, or a language company as they often call themselves. A translation agency can offer you the service you need within both common and more unusual languages, and can also help with other related tasks such as layouting and localisation.