How to convert a voice recording to text

Converting your voice recordings to text is easy, as a number of speech to text apps and services are readily available on both mobile and desktop. 

Converting speech to text on phone Converting speech to text on phone

      The process of turning recorded speech into audio is called transcription, and it is often needed in the legal and educational sectors. However, quickly turning your voice notes, or a recording of someone speaking, into text can also be a powerful productivity tool, as sharing a transcript is often a faster way of acquiring information than watching a whole video or listening to an audio recording.  

      We’ve listed the best services for converting audio to text below.  

      Audio to Text

      The audio to text program supports 120 languages ​​and can convert audio files into many formats. It also provides automatic punctuation for numerous languages​​, and you can easily save and share the textual content generated whenever you want. However, it only works with pre-recorded audio files and you will have to use a seperate application to create these.   

      This app enables you to tweak the text if you encounter any mistakes and inaccuracies. The transcribing process is pretty straightforward.   

      All you have to do is click on the upload key and choose the file. This app currently has over 100,000 downloads. 


      • Supports numerous audio file formats including "WAC", "OGG", "AMR", "M4A", "MPEG", "AAC", "FLAC" and "MP3". 
      • Supports 120 different languages 
      • You can modify text manually 
      • Offers automatic punctuation functionality 

      Download our free transcription template

      Get started with transcription. Here you will find templates for both detailed transcription and standard transcription. You can use the formats and examples in your own working document.


      Transcribe app is equipped with smart audio recognition technology and delivers high quality results. This application was created to transcribe video and audio files of any size. Transcribe supports 120+ dialects and languages.   

      It can also synchronise with other audio apps that you have already installed on your smartphone. This app lets you record the audio and convert it to textual content simultaneously.   

      To use this function, you don't even need an internet connection, and you will immediately get  a live transcribed text. 


      • Uses smart audio recognition technology 
      • Supports files of all sizes 
      • Supports over 120 different dialects and languages ​​ 
      • Fast delivery 
      • No annoying ads 

      Live Transcribe

      This app is particularly good at transcribingdaily conversations with ambient noise. It has a live transcription function and an advanced voice distribution system. It's able to transcribe in more than 80 distinctive languages.   

      It also has the ability to teach you various words not available in any language that's supported. This app feeps the converted files for a maximum of 3 days, and then they are deleted. Hence, you will have to save your transcribed files and text in a different location for later use. 


      • Transcribes content in real-time 
      • Supports 80+ different languages ​​ 
      • Able to teach you complex words 
      • Available for Android devices 

      Transcription Tool

      If you're looking for a quick and efficient transcription tool, this app may be your best option. It has an advanced speech recognition system that takes into account the original language's grammar and also rectifies punctuation. It supports four different languages ​, namely English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. The application interface is straightforward and customisable with the main settings.   

      This transcription tool enables you to convert video and audio files, and you can also modify the text files using the keyboard on your smartphone. It also supports numerous formats like "OGG", "3GPP", "MPEG4", "WAVE", and "MP3". 


      • Takes punctuation and grammar into account when transcribing 
      • Supports numerous formats 
      • Play-pause function 
      • Fully integrated with your smartphone keyboard 
      • Specially designed for transcribers 
      • It does not have real-time transcription features 
      • It only supports four languages ​​ 
      • Available for Android only 

      Temi Recording and Transcription Application

      Temi’s Recording and Transcription Application uses world-class voice recognition technology to transcribe your live recordings. The AI ​​transcription is instant and provides approximately 80-85% accuracy rates. This enables you to easily record and transcribe conferences, meetings and more in real-time.   

      To get the maximum potential from this app, you need to purchase the premium version. This application can be of great use to you whether you are a journalist, reporter or student. 


      • Provides unlimited file recording and transcription 
      • No annoying ads 
      • Supports files of all sizes 
      • Automatically pauses the conversion process for any incoming calls 
      • Produces top-quality results 
      • Available for iOS and Android

      Want to know more about Semantix transcription services?

      Download our free transcription template

      Download templates for both detailed transcription and standard transcription. You can use the formats and examples in your own working document.