Free speech to text software and services

Efficiency is critical to success in the workplace. The faster you get results, the more time you have on your hands to focus on more strategic tasks. However, converting audio recordings to text, personal notes, and other documents manually is an essential but tedious and time-wasting task.

Free speech to text software Free speech to text software

      Fortunately, a free technology called speech-to-text software is available which allows you to type without the use of your hands, and use your voice to write documents.

      This software dates back to the early 1990s with its first commercial release, and at the time it was clunky, time-consuming, and frustrating for beginners.

      Speech-to-text recognition software recognizes the user's voice and converts it into written words with the help of artificial intelligence. Also, most software uses voice commands to meet punctuation and formatting needs.

      Free speech to text services for desktop and mobile

      Today's technology is light-years away from the first ever speech-to-text programs. Now you can dictate quickly and be confident that at least 90% of the utterance is being transcribed correctly. There are also multiple languages ​​to select and voice commands to boost productivity in the workplace.

      Most speech to text programs are highly accurate, and the software becomes more efficient as you use it because it adapts to the voice. Some will even ask the user to rectify unclear dictation problems to speed up this learning process.


      This speech-to-text software allows you to quickly and effortlessly transcribe and save the converted text files. The free version permits 500 minutes of conversion from audio to text every month. Once installed, you can upload the files and click ‘Convert’ to start uploading and converting audio files to text simultaneously.

      After the transcription, the software allows the user to edit and save the text. Still, MP3 files are the only audio files that this software can transcribe.


      This is a highly efficient and robust free speech-to-text tool. It's easily accessible as it doesn't require downloading, registering, or subscribing. After opening this software in your browser, you can instantly start transcribing by clicking the microphone. A variety of commonly used shortcuts and commands are displayed onscreen. In addition, Speechnotes automatically capitalizes the beginning of sentences and automatically saves documents. Once complete, the text can be saved directly to local files or sent to Google Drive.

      Google Docs Speech Typing

      This software is embedded in Google Docs and is available in your browser. This free and outstanding tool will allow you to work faster without typing anything. It has about 100 voice commands helping you to edit and format. This Google speech-to-text software is a great option, whether it's changing lines, typing bullets, or underlining a word. It is not downloadable, but it's available over the internet. To access this software, go to Google Docs, click the Tools icon, select Voice Typing, permit the microphone to be used and begin speaking.

      Windows Dictation

      This software efficiently transcribes everything you speak into text with integrated speech recognition. It is very user-friendly, and there are many commands to control text and typing without access to the keyboard and with incredible precision.

      To start this speech-to-text Windows Dictation, you must press the Windows symbol + H to activate online speech recognition in the settings. A toolbar with a microphone icon appears. You have to say “Start Dictation” and click the microphone to transcribe. If you say “Stop Dictation”, you can complete the process.

      Bear File Converter

      This a free and comprehensive tool with various services such as a speech-to-text converter, and you can find it online. Bear File Converter enables people to upload and convert audio files less than 3MB in size by clicking Convert. This software supports OGG, WAV, MP3, WMA, and many more audio files. Additionally, you can add URLs of audio files.

      Windows Speech Recognition (WSR)

      Windows users can take advantage of this speech-to-text software built into the system, and all you need is a quick and easy activation method to get started. Windows Speech Recognition software allows users to convert audio to text in a variety of browsers, programs, or applications.

      This allows programs to be opened or closed, calendars set, or even a song to be searched for and started. To enable it, you have to go to the search bar and type Windows Speech Recognition, then follow the steps provided to enable the computer to recognize your voice, and you are good to go.

      Download our free transcription template

      Get started with transcription. Here you will find templates for both detailed transcription and standard transcription. You can use the formats and examples in your own working document.

      How to turn on voice text on the desktop

      Voice text is not turned on automatically, so you need to turn it on before the dictation process starts.

      1. Select the Start button and then click on Settings, indicated by a gear icon.
      2. Select Time and Language.
      3. In the navigation area on the left, choose the Voice button.
      4. If the microphone has never been configured, you should go to the microphone section and click on First Steps. Follow the directions given to effectively speak into the microphone, which will calibrate it for transcription.
      5. Scroll down and select the Speech, inking, & typing privacy configurations in the Related Settings area. Then, in the Online Speech Recognition section, slide the switch On. If the slide switch is not available, this can appear as a button labelled: Turn on speech services and typing suggestions."

      How to use Voice to Text in Windows

      After turning the voice text on, you can use it to transcribe in any field or window that's compatible with text, such as notepad, word processors, search boxes, and more.

      1. Open the application or window in which you want to dictate.
      2. Press Win + H. This key combination is a shortcut and opens the speech recognition control on the screen.
      3. You can begin to speak normally, and the text will be visible.

      If there are a few minutes pause or you click in another window with the mouse, Windows interrupts speech recognition. To start over again, you should click the microphone on the control panel on the screen. To stop speech recognition, you can close the control panel on the screen.

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      Download our free transcription template

      Download templates for both detailed transcription and standard transcription. You can use the formats and examples in your own working document.