Speech to Text Software and Apps

One of the most tedious tasks when working on a computer is typing. There are many ways to type, but it can be difficult for some people.

Speech to text apps Speech to text apps

      This is where speech to text software comes in handy! It makes your life easier by allowing you to talk and have text appear almost instantly on your screen. With this technology, you'll find yourself writing emails faster than ever.

      You may want to write down what someone says in real-time. But the conversation happens fast, and there's no time to write it down. In addition, low-quality voice recording apps may only catch a couple of words. But with speech to text software you can pull up the conversation and keep working effortlessly.

      So, next time you're in a meeting and you want to give the speaker your full attention, but also take comprehensive notes, use speech to text software or an app! It will make your life so much easier.

      In this article, we will talk about speech to text software and apps that you can use to improve productivity and reduce stress. Our goal is for you to become more familiar with these great tools and see how much easier they make your life!

      So, what is speech to text?

      Speech to text is the process of converting spoken words into text.

      Being able to convert speech to text enables people to communicate easily and quickly. There are so many great speech to text programs that it's hard to choose between them! The best part is, most of them work on both Windows and Mac.

      How speech to text works?

      Speech recognition technology is capable of turning speech into text by converting it to data. For example, when a person speaks, the resulting sound waves move through the air in a pattern the computer program can recognise and turn back into a pattern of letter or number symbols. Speech recognition programs are available for certain kinds of software application.

      Instead of typing on the keyboard, they allow you to give commands or enter information by speaking into a microphone. These programs listen to your voice and convert it into text.

      Why should you use speech to text software?

      There are many reasons to use speech to text software and apps. Let's take a look at some of the ways they can help improve workflow:

      Text is easily accessible

      Speech to text converts your thoughts into text just by speaking. There's no need to find the right words anymore! Your speech patterns will improve since you'll be forced to think of what you want to say before saying it.

      You can improve your spelling

      By listening to yourself, you'll be able to make out certain words much faster than if you were reading them off a piece of paper. This will help with writing, whether it's an email or a story for your blog.

      Create scripts quickly

      Voice recording apps are the ideal tool for anyone in the entertainment industry. You can easily script out an entire movie or book with no time wasted!

      Reduce stress

      With less time spent typing, your hands and fingers will be under less pressure. This reduces your risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and other serious hand injuries. In addition, some people find voice recording apps to be a more relaxing alternative for achieving inner peace.

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      What can you use speech to text software for?

      You can do practically anything with speech to text apps and software, from writing emails to academic papers. Here are just a few examples:

      Speech therapy

      Speech therapists have been using this technology for years to help their patients become more familiar with English. It helps them get used to new sounds and pronunciations without spending hours of their time writing them down.

      No need for a keyboard

      Typing can be a slow process, especially if you struggle with carpal tunnel syndrome or some other hand injury that prevents you from typing properly for long periods. If your hands hurt, voice recording software can be an effective alternative for communicating with the outside world.

      Are you tired of typing?

      Sometimes we all feel like giving up and screaming at our keyboard because we can't type out what we want to say fast enough! With speech to text apps, you'll be able to speak your thoughts at a much faster pace, which will save you lots of time and frustration.

      Stay organised

      When using a speech to text app, it's easier to keep track of things since your words are safely stored away in the program itself. You'll never have to lose another note again! This is especially useful if you're somebody who has lots of notes to keep track of, or needs to go back and review them often.

      Be more productive

      Time is the most valuable thing we have, so why waste it trying to figure out what you meant to say? With speech to text technology, you can easily convert your thoughts into text with little to no time wasted at all.

      Speech to text software and apps are the perfect tools for people who struggle with typing. Whether you want to take notes, communicate with people around you or keep track of your thoughts and ideas, these tools can help make life a lot easier!

      How to use speech to text apps

      Converting your thoughts into text isn't always easy. Here are a few things you should do to make the most out of it:

      Speak clearly

      It's important to speak clearly when speaking to your device. For example, if you mumble, the software might not be able to pick up what you're saying well enough for it to register as a word.

      Slow down

      If you speak too quickly, the app may not be able to pick up on what you're saying properly. So it's always better to slow down your words when speaking into the device for optimum results.

      Speak naturally

      Your tone should sound natural. Don't try too hard! The idea is to make it feel like you're speaking to another person, so try not to force your voice into one tone or sound.

      Speak without distractions

      Find a quiet spot free from as many distractions as possible. This will ensure that your speech to text app can hear what you're saying correctly and that any mistakes it makes are due to your words and not outside noises.

      Take breaks

      If you're starting to feel overwhelmed, it's best to take a break and continue the conversation later when you've had some time to rest and relax.

      Can I use speech to text on Android devices?

      Yes! You can download several different speech to text apps for Android devices, including Google Translate and Speech To Text. They're usually available free of charge in the Google Play Store.

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      Can I use speech to text on iOS devices?

      Yes, there are plenty of great choices for voice recordings when it comes to iOS devices. Whether you're using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can rest assured that your voice will be recorded and converted into text just as well!

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      Factors to consider when buying speech to text apps

      There are lots of factors to consider when you're looking for the perfect speech to text app. Here are just a few things you should look out for:

      Ease of use

      The easier an app is to use, the more effective you will find it. If you have a tough time picking up how things work, the software probably isn't for you.


      Some apps are free, while others cost a small fee to download. So it's never a bad idea to look around online or even in stores before you buy, to ensure that your money isn't wasted!


      Some apps offer more features than others. For instance, some may give you access to several different languages, while others only support one or two. If you need an app with various options, it's best to look for something more advanced.

      Your needs

      It's best to buy an app that meets your needs. For example, if you need something for work, it's probably not a good idea to download the first free software you see. Instead, make sure it has everything you're looking for so you can use it to its full potential!

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      What is the best speech to text software?

      The best speech to text software or app depends on what you need it for. For example, if you want something to record meetings or lectures, the voice typing function in Google Docs is probably your best bet. On the other hand, if you want something to take notes with, most devices' built-in voice recorder app will do just fine.

      Let’s look at some of the best speech to text software and apps available.

      1. Dragon Anywhere

      Dragon Anywhere is an excellent app that allows you to work wherever you are. It's designed for both iOS and Android devices, so it's compatible with most smartphones and tablets on the market. This software allows you to talk your way through daily tasks just like Dragon Mobile Assistant, but it also gives you access to a mobile dictation feature that allows you to speak instead of typing if you wish.

      2. Google Gboard

      Google Gboard is a keyboard application that comes pre-installed on most Android devices, and it has voice typing capabilities built in. It also gives you access to the latest and greatest version of Google Translate, which allows you to do things like speak directly into your device when it's in use. So it may be worth checking out if you're looking for something equipped to handle multiple tasks.

      3. Windows 10 Speech Recognition

      Windows 10 offers a built-in speech recognition feature that can be used to do all kinds of things on your device. So whether you want to write an email, turn off the lights in your home or even bake a cake, this software allows you to efficiently and quickly control any Windows machine. Moreover, it's largely hands-free and works perfectly with Cortana!

      4. Apple Dictation

      Apple Dictation is an iOS app that allows you to dictate text on your smartphone. You can use this software to send messages, update social media accounts or even search for information – all without typing a single letter! Apple also released Siri several years ago, making it simple for users to control things with their voice.

      5. Otter.ai

      Otter Voice Notes is one of the best choices for anyone looking to record lectures, meetings or other information. This app comes equipped with an audio recorder and a transcription feature to convert your words into text easily! It also works across multiple platforms to be used on both Android devices and computers alike.

      6. Braina Pro

      Briana Pro is another great option for users looking for speech recognition software. It works with text, video and photo apps to give you multiple options for converting voice to text. This app also includes a scheduler, memo manager and many other useful features that make it worth checking out!

      7. IBM Speech to Text

      IBM Speech to Text is a powerful app that allows you to speak instead of type. It comes with a virtual keyboard, text-to-speech feature and much more! This software works across multiple devices, so it's perfect for anyone who plans on using their phone or computer throughout the day.

      8. Speechnotes Pro

      Speechnotes Pro is one of the best options for students or professionals looking to take detailed notes. This app allows you to type, record voice memos and even sync your speech to text with OneNote. It's an excellent option for anyone who needs help taking notes in lectures or meetings.

      9. Transcribe – Speech To Text

      Transcribe has many different features that make it an excellent choice for users who need speech to text software. It comes with timed recordings, transcription tools and much more! This app also offers cloud storage capabilities to keep all of your files in one place across multiple devices.

      10. Just Press Record

      Just Press Record is a simple option that gets the job done without bells and whistles. This app features offline transcription for any files you record, adjustable playback speeds and much more! It's an excellent choice for recording lectures, meetings or interviews.

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      How to set up speech to text software on your device

      • Make sure the microphone is on
      • Check settings to make sure it's working correctly
      • Go to speech options and select language (some devices may not have this option)
      • Go to dictation options and select ‘enable eech to text’
      • Now, all you need to do is turn on dictation and speak clearly into your device.

      You should now be able to use the speech to text feature on your device. If you follow these steps, it shouldn't take too long to get used to using the speech to text app on your device. Remember, practice makes perfect! A good way of practising is using speech to text software during meetings at work or when you're in lectures.

      How to use speech to text in Google Docs?

      • To begin, open Google Docs and select ‘voice typing’ from your settings menu (the gear icon at the top right)
      • Once you've enabled voice typing, all you need to do is press the red microphone button or say, “OK, Google."
      • Now, speak directly into your device, and Google Docs will automatically convert your words into text! It's that simple.

      Note: you can use speech to text in Google Docs even if you lack an internet connection. This feature works offline for Android users. .

      How to convert speech to text on Mac?

      • Select ‘System Preferences’ from the Apple menu
      • Click on ‘Dictation’ or ‘Speech’ (depending on your operating system)
      • Select ‘On’ under Dictation and Text to Speech options, then click enter
      • Once voice typing is enabled, press fn and hold down until you see a microphone. You can then say what you want to type, and your words will appear on the screen!

      How to convert speech to text on iPhone?

      • Go to Settings>General>Accessibility
      • Under ‘Speech’, select ‘Voiceover’. Then, toggle the switch to the right of Voiceover and Siri until it turns green and says ‘On’. Now, press and hold the home button until you hear a beep. Then, say what you want to type, and it will appear on the screen!

      It's not always easy to switch from typing to speaking, but you'll soon get the hang of it. Remember, practice makes perfect! Speech to text apps are wonderful when you have an important paper or email that needs to be written.

      How to use speech to text in Windows 10?

      • Select ‘Settings’ from the Start menu
      • Click on ‘Ease of Access’, then click on ‘Text to Speech’.
      • Toggle the switch next to ‘Let Cortana read text messages, instant messages, and event descriptions back to me’ until it turns green
      • Now you can say what you need to type, and your words will appear on the screen.
      • If you want to use speech to text in other programs, such as Microsoft Word, open the application and press ctrl + windows key + S to turn it on or off.
      • Alternatively, you can press windows key + H to turn Cortana's transcribing abilities on or off.

      How to dictate text

      If you plan on using speech to text, it is important to learn how to speak for it. Instead of trying to speak the words you are typing, speak the sentence as a whole. Speak clearly and enunciate your words.


      If you want to dictate text with contractions, say each word as it's written in a contraction out loud as if it were a sentence. For example, "I'm going now" would be spoken as "I am going now". There isn't usually an issue with dictating contractions, but it is important to make sure the program you are using will recognise them.


      If you want to dictate text with articles, say "a" or "an" before the word first. For example, if I wanted to type out ‘I saw a dog’, I would speak it as "I saw a [pause] dog". Some programs will automatically add the article in, while others won't. If an article is not added when it should be, go back and edit your text to include the articles where they need to be.

      Long phrases

      If you are speaking phrases that are longer than the program you are using is set to recognise, say each word as it's written and add in punctuation manually where necessary.


      If you have a thick accent, some programs will not recognise what you're saying very well. If this is the case, keep the recording of your voice. You can then listen back to it or even share it with someone else to help fix the mistakes manually.

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      Key Takeaway: Speech to Text Software and Apps

      The future of speech to text software is here. We no longer have to be slaves to live transcribers who may or may not get the message right. Instead, speech to text software makes it possible for us to control our writing effortlessly.

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