How to dictate text

With speech-to-text software, the voice is picked up by a microphone inside someone's device, such as a tablet, computer, or mobile device.

Dictating text on phone Dictating text on phone

      The embedded microphone should work without any problems for the casual transcription user for capturing shopping lists and notes, for example. But if you are using the software more intensively for regularly transcribing meetings or sending long emails, then you should look for something that will pick up the sound waves of your voice more effectively.

      For less than $100, there are many headset or external microphone options available, such as those used by YouTube interviewers and podcasters.

      Best tips for speech Recognition software

      Although speech-to-text software recognizes different voices, it isn’t 100% perfect, but you can make it work better by following the tips below.

      Use of natural voice

      Dictation apps learn the user's voice and voice patterns over time. I you are using them for some time, you would want to be comfortable; therefore, speaking naturally is essential. Having said that, clearer enunciation is vital if the software isn't giving the user at least 90% accuracy from the start.


      When transcribing, it's essential that you verbally add all punctuation marks, such as question marks, full stops, commas, and so forth. The speech-to-text software cannot usually figure that on its own

      Practice a few commands

      The users should ensure they learn basic commands like "new line" to move to the following line. Commands for editing, operating a device, and composing are very different. Commands can differ from one application to another application. So it's essential to find out the ones applicable to the tool of your choice.

      Know the limits

      On mobile devices in particular, some software and apps have a time limit on how long they can listen – sometimes just 10 seconds. It's essential to keep checking the screen continuously to ensure the session hasn't timed out.


      Adjusting to the speech recognition software takes some time, but practising more makes it easier. You should go through help menus, on-screen tutorials, and cheat sheets.

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      Get started with transcription. Here you will find templates for both detailed transcription and standard transcription. You can use the formats and examples in your own working document.

      How to dictate into text for Mac

      Speech to text is a valuable feature for people who are mostly away from home. And Mac computer owners can take advantage of this function and use it in their daily work. The button is a built-in feature referred to as Dictation.

      Before you can use Dictation, you have to activate it. After that, it works the same way as any voice-text feature, except you have access to more comprehensive voice commands to format the document.

      How to configure it and get started:

      1. Click on the Apple logo visible on the toolbar, then select System Preferences.
      2. Choose Keyboard.
      3. In the menu, switch to Dictation.
      4. Right next to Dictation, choose Activated and, if you wish to activate the extended dictation, you can do so by ticking the appropriate box. This enables you to use additional commands such as underline, bold, copy, italic, delete, dictate and undo, all without an internet connection
      5. Configure the language, then create the intended shortcut.

      Dictating on a Mac computer

      After you have activated dictation, you can proceed as follows:

      1. Choose a document to open.
      2. Position the cursor at the required position for the dictation.
      3. Use the keyboard shortcut you specified when you set up the dictation; alternatively, you can also choose Edit and Start dictation.
      4. You can begin talking.

      After the function has started, a microphone symbol should appear on the screen.

      As you speak, you should be sure to speak the punctuation marks you want to add out loud, or you will end up with a lengthy sentence that runs on. Click Done under the microphone icon to stop the dictation.

      How to dictate into text for PC

      Using Voice Text in Windows

      After you turn voice to text on, you can use it to transcribe in any window or field that's compatible with text. You can dictate in notepad, word processors, search boxes and more.

      1. Begin by opening the word document or window in which you want to dictate.
      2. The next step is to press the Windows + H key combination to open the speech recognition control on the screen.
      3. Now just talk normally, and you should see that the text is displayed.

      Using Voice Text in Microsoft Word

      1. You should start by opening and creating a new blank document on the Microsoft Word app.
      2. You will see the Dictate symbol and a drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the Start menu. From there, open the drop-down menu and ensure that the language setting is English.
      3. If you have never used Microsoft Word speech-to-text software, you will need to allow the application to access your microphone.
      4. After you have completed all of the above, you should click the Dictate button again. The blue icon turns white, and a red Record icon appears. This is an indication that Microsoft Word has started hearing the user's voice. When the sound is turned up, a signal indicates that transcription has begun.

      Dictating on Google Docs

      1. Click on Google Chrome on your device to open it and go to the Google Docs site. If you aren't currently signed in to your Google Account, you should sign in.
      2. After logging in, create and save a new blank Google Doc to ensure you can access it later to edit or delete.
      3. Click on the Tools menu option at the top of the screen, and click Voice Input. You can use the Ctrl + Shift + S keyboard shortcut to open the Voice Typing window.
      4. If you have never used the Google Docs voice text software, you’ll need to give your microphone access to the platform. In Google Chrome, it's as easy as clicking Allow when you are prompted.
      5. After clicking Allow, the microphone icon will turn red. Congratulations, you are now using voice dictation!
      6. You can start speaking naturally as Google translates your voice into text. Google dictation software is created to understand people as they speak naturally.

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      Download our free transcription template

      Download templates for both detailed transcription and standard transcription. You can use the formats and examples in your own working document.