The best speech to text apps for iPhone

The use of speech-to-text applications has grown tremendously. People use speech-to-text applications to write memos, transcribe meetings, write ebooks or business letters, document discussions; in short, pretty much anything you would like to see presented in writing.

Speech to text on iPhone Speech to text on iPhone

      Generally, people think and speak much faster than they can write or type. For this reason, many use speech-to-text applications to speed up a lot of situations, be it in a professional or private setting.

      Below, we have listed the best speech to text apps for iPhone.

      Voice Texting Pro

      This is a free download app from the Apple Store on Apple devices. Voice Texting Pro allows you to transcribe voice to text on your iPhone or iPad quickly. This application enables you to speak words, automatically convert them to text, and send the texts to family and friends using WhatsApp, iMessage, or other messaging services.

      This app can transcribe lengthy conversations or interviews, and multiple languages ​​are available in the app's settings menu.


      The good thing about this widely known, cross-platform note-taking application is that it enables users to take formatted multimedia notes.

      For voice dictation activation, click on the virtual keyboard to open it and tap the microphone button. The iPhone starts listening to you and converts everything you say into text. When you're finished, click the Done icon and the text will appear on the screen shortly after.

      In Evernote, everything you save will automatically be synced across all linked devices so you can easily pick up where you left off.

      Speech-to-text dictation

      This app comes as a free download from the Apple Store for iOS devices. The app supports 40 translation and dictation languages, converting archived audio or spoken words and fast synchronising with iCloud on your iPhone or iPad.


      This is a free download accessible on the Apple Store for iOS users, and it supports more than 120 languages ​​and dialects. You can speak from video files, audio files, or directly when the application on the device is listening.

      This app transcribes voices excellently. There is no free basic version, but there is a trial period. After that, you can upgrade to whichever level of service best suits your need.

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      Dictate app

      After downloading, tap the Dictate key to begin transcribing. When through, tap the Dictate icon again to exit. You can then paste your transcribed text anywhere with the help of the clipboard feature.

      The Dictate app gives you access to many different languages. It is generally extremely precise, but you must have an internet connection.

      Rev Voice Recorder

      With its sophisticated user interface you can record in the background, pause incoming calls automatically, and much more. You can process your voice recording for a transcription charge of $1 for 1 minute of audio, and enjoy the first 10 minutes free.

      Rev has a global team of seasoned audio transcriptionists and editors to ensure transcription quality is top notch. They work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, delivering accurate transcripts without delay and for pocket-friendly prices. The Rev application enables you to share your transcripts, check their status and view them right in the application.


      This is one of the best apps for user interface, with some of the best dictation app reviews on the App Store. The recorder allows you to add photos, and invite someone through a link to comment on, edit, or see the recording.

      It has a unique feature that allows you to sync it with the calendar, making it easier to remember a follow-up during a meeting.

      Just Press Record

      This app gives you 15 minutes of free transcription; the full premium version is accessible when you pay for it. The 15 minutes is enough time to determine if the application suits your needs.

      This app can be purchased for $4.99 from the Apple Store by iOS users. You can use the application to record audio files, videos, conversations, and other sources for highly accurate transcription.

      The application supports Siri shortcuts, works in up to 30 languages, and recognises punctuation. You can easily organise files on your device or in iCloud and share them on social media, as texts to family and friends, or via email.

      How to dictate on the iPhone

      To get started, tap the microphone icon on your keyboard, then begin speaking. As you talk, the text is displayed on the screen. When you’ve finished speaking, tap the key on the keyboard.

      If the dictation is unsure which word it heard, a blue line will appear below the transcribed word. This will help you to clarify if it is correct. To eliminate the errors, touch the underlined word or words, then choose the proper spelling. Double-tap a word to replace it, then tap the microphone key, repeat it, and tap the keyboard key.

      To replace a segment, highlight what to replace, then tap the microphone key and speak the words again. To insert text within a paragraph, just tap where the new content should go, then tap the microphone key and start speaking.

      To alter or change the language used for dictation, press and hold the microphone key, then pick the language you want.

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      Download our free transcription template

      Download templates for both detailed transcription and standard transcription. You can use the formats and examples in your own working document.