The best speech to text apps for Android

Speech to text is a software that recognizes speech and translates the speech into text using computational linguistics. It is generally referred to as computer speech recognition or speech recognition. Certain tools, devices and applications can, in real-time, convert audio streams to display a text and act on it accordingly.

Speech to text on Android Speech to text on Android

      The explosion of mobile devices has increasingly led to speech-to-text demand and usage in a variety of different environments – from the education sector to corporate – simply because technology has matured to the point of causing fewer errors in transcripts, with a success rate of 99.9% with crystal clear audio.

      Android mobile phones come with a built-in voice text converter enabled by default that allows you to dictate emails, text messages, and other text that you would normally enter using the on-screen keyboard.

      Benefits of speech to text software for Android

      User friendly

      The best voice text software makes it pretty straightforward and effortless to transcribe speech to text. While the most exceptional speech-to-text software was once only intended for desktops, the discovery of mobile devices and the vast growth of easily accessible applications mean that you can now convert speech to text on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

      Time and energy saving

      A speech-to-text program can increase productivity and generate more profits, especially for those running their own business. Speech-to-text software is vital for saving you time and effort that is best spent somewhere else.

      This program makes for effective multitasking since it allows you to do more than one task simultaneously. For example, you can use your eyes and hands to do something while your voice is doing something different. This is essential when doing multiple projects simultaneously or taking notes while you are busy with something else, such as making dinner.


      Today, when many people rely on mobile devices to live and work, speech-to-text software gives you much-needed convenience, especially if it is applied via a mobile phone.

      You can easily find a Speech-to-Text program on your personal computer and mobile device. Whether you are using the program to transcribe a dictation, a Word document, or for internet navigation, it offers a valuable and easy-to-use alternative to typing.

      Up to date

      This software is very current; hence end users can keep up with emerging technology trends. It's clear to see that everyone likes to use the latest technology. And for business owners, there is also some PR value in having a presence and using the latest trends.

      As the speech-to-text software market grows, technology giants continue to look for ways to provide more elegant and refined solutions to clients.

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      Get started with transcription. Here you will find templates for both detailed transcription and standard transcription. You can use the formats and examples in your own working document.

      The best speech to text for Android

      Digital speech to text conversion can still meet needs like basic note taking, simplifying the process of dictation.

      However, each different language text software has distinct capacity and complexity levels. Some use advanced machine learning to repeatedly correct user-flagged errors so they don't keep recurring; others are downloadable programs that depend on their latest updates.

      Below is among the best speech recognition software suitable for most situations.

      Dragon Anywhere

      This premium high-end app tool is available for Android and iOS devices and plays a huge role in the dictation world. It's 99% correct and it has voice editing and formatting features. With time, it gets speedy and more accurate as it gets used to the user's voice.

      You can use this application as many times as you need since the words are not restricted. With Dragon Anywhere, you can customize industry jargon for even more precision. After speech to text conversion, you can share your notes via Evernote email, Dropbox, and more. With supported versions, you can use this app with your personal computer.

      Google Assistant

      This app does many things, such as opening maps, playing music, etc. Voice recognition is among its best features. You can use voice commands to get information and instruct the Google Assistant to carry out specific tasks.

      The app can also transcribe. It can add events to the calendar, draft emails, send messages, and manage tasks. While it's not purely a speech-to-text app, it does help one organize their thoughts and notes with speech recognition.


      People who engage in many conversations, such as journalists or secretaries, may find this app very helpful. With AI, Transcribe converts any speech or video note into a transcript in more than 80 distinct languages ​​and dialects. After making a recording, you can paste your file into this application and export the raw text to another application like Dropbox.


      Authors whose minds are faster in generating new ideas than they can actually write will find this app useful. Speechnotes' two special features make it ideal for organizing long notes.

      Even if you take a short break to think or breathe, this application won't stop recording, so you can keep a recording open until you are satisfied. Second, with the tap of a button or using a verbal command, you can add punctuation to your work, so it isn’t too difficult to work with.

      Voice notes

      If you have an idea but don't have a pen or paper nearby, you can always use your voice. Voice notes have speech recognition for efficient note taking. You can then categorize your notes and create reminders by customizing the synced notifications with your phone's calendar.

      The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly; you can quickly press the microphone button and speak to start recording. It's easy to take notes even when the phone screen is off. If you need to take notes in other languages besides English, this app is handy since it can recognize around 119 languages.

      How to use speech to text on Android

      You can instantly use your voice to dictate text in any application where you would typically enter data with their on-screen keyboard.

      • Step 1:
        The first step is to start any application with a keyboard function, for instance, messages or email, and tap a text field to display the on-screen keyboard.
      • Step 2:
        The next step is to touch the voice prompt icon that resembles a microphone.
      • Step 3:
        As your speak, your voice should automatically be transcribed to text.
      • Step 4:
        When done, you have to tap the voice prompt again to edit the converted text, then save or send the text as required.

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      Download our free transcription template

      Download templates for both detailed transcription and standard transcription. You can use the formats and examples in your own working document.