Make your videos go global – with multilingual subtitling

Multilingual subtitling created by native-speaking professionals increases the reach and impact of your video content. Here’s how.

Thanks to the global spread of the Internet, a single piece of video content can be seen and shared by countless people all over the world. However, if the video’s message cannot be easily understood by much of the international audience, this global exposure is a wasted opportunity.

Multilingual subtitles provide a simple solution to this challenge.

What are multilingual subtitles?

Subtitles are an on-screen, written translation of the dialogue spoken in a video. Not to be confused with ‘closed captions’, which provide a text version of a video’s spoken content to aid hearing-impaired people, multilingual subtitles are used when a viewer cannot understand the language used in the regular soundtrack.

Subtitles can be used on any type of video, including:

  • Product information videos
  • Video advertisements on social media
  • Music videos
  • eLearning videos

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What are the benefits of multilingual subtitles?

Any business can tap into global markets, as long as it invests in high-quality, multilingual content. Multilingual subtitles are a great way to do this. Here’s why:

Multilingual subtitles maximise a video’s audience

Even when using a widely understood language like English, a marketing message is hardly likely to enthuse a non-native English speaker who can switch off with a flick of their finger. And, given that 75% of the world’s population don’t speak any English at all, the chances of English video content resonating around the world are slim indeed.

Multilingual subtitles offer a way to engage international audiences around the world, without the time and expense of creating fresh content for every potential audience.

Multilingual subtitles maximise audience engagement

Getting your video noticed on an Internet that is crowded with content can be a major challenge, especially because the bots that search engines send out across the Internet to evaluate a site’s relevance do not watch videos or listen to audio. Instead, they calculate rankings by assessing each site’s written content – and that includes files containing subtitles.

Subtitling your video lets search engines index its content, which boosts its search-engine ranking, which gets your video seen by more people. Furthermore, subtitles can be localised, so your video will rank for targeted keywords in each individual market.

On social media too, where video content is often watched on ‘mute’, subtitles significantly increase the number of views a video receives.

Be seen by the world – with multilingual subtitles

Our subtitling services ensure that your message is conveyed exactly as you intend, to any audience anywhere in the world, at a highly cost-effective rate. And, because the subtitles are created by native speakers, your reputation will not be damaged by the kind of errors commonly found in automated translations provided by the likes of YouTube.

For multilingual subtitles that consider context, linguistic nuances and your unique tone of voice, contact Semantix today.

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