Blizzard Entertainment case study: Levelling up global gaming content

Blizzard Entertainment has been creating epic gaming experiences since the mid-1990s, when they launched the trailblazing Warcraft. When the company needed a method of communicating with a worldwide audience of gamers in a way that was authentic and ‘local’ – wherever they were in the world – it turned to TransPerfect, Semantix’s parent company, to deliver the solution. As part of the TransPerfect family, Semantix can collaborate and share services and expertise with a wide range of specialist companies.


      Blizzard: A global gaming challenge

      Blizzard prides itself on not just being a games manufacturer, but an integral part of the gaming community. Its games are made by gamers for gamers. And it knows that, given the scale of the global gaming market, there can be no one-size-fits-all solution.

      Blizzard has maintained its position in the rapidly evolving world of gaming by never standing still. It is always active and agile, constantly moving forward. But how can a dynamic company like Blizzard maintain a genuine relationship with a plethora of individual gaming communities across a global audience? That was the dilemma at the centre of this localisation challenge.

      A localised solution

      Addressing Blizzard's requirements required a comprehensive and strategic approach. After undertaking a deep dive into every facet of Blizzard's operations with a global perspective that encompassed all their diverse markets, TransPerfect acquired insights that drove a digital marketing strategy aimed at the rapid and continuous localisation of their content.

      At the heart of the solution lies the GlobalLink system – a proprietary platform offered by both Semantix and TransPerfect, designed for the translation and centralisation of global content. This dynamic system seamlessly integrates with a spectrum of existing technology to allow users to efficiently manage a multitude of multilingual content and resources.

      A game changing outcome

      GlobalLink’s innovative approach ensures that Blizzard can maintain a competitive edge in the global gaming industry by seamlessly adapting to the unique needs of each market it serves. Content can be created and modified with a rapid turnaround – at high speed and meeting short deadlines – in the knowledge that it will be delivered in every region with precision-targeted accuracy and an authentic understanding of context and community.

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