Western Digital case study: Delivering global content, building a worldwide brand

The path to personalised content begins with data. For a global company, knowing where to start is a potentially overwhelming endeavour due to the sheer quantity of data available. Adding to the complexity are regional teams operating independently of each other and customers switching between devices and touchpoints. So, how can a global business harness data's power and optimise the experience of every customer? That was the challenge Western Digital set Semantix’s parent company, TransPerfect.


      Western Digital: A global challenge

      Western Digital has long been at the forefront of technological innovation, from the invention of the first hard drive to cutting-edge memory storage that boosts the performance, capacity and power efficiency of Solid State Drives (SSDs).

      The company faced a dual challenge:

      1. Unify a global network of acquired companies under one brand.
      2. Connect this brand to customers around the globe with personalised content.

      Matters were further complicated because parts of the business operated independently, the channel mix was extremely complex and there was very little data of any sort to work with.

      Despite the enormity of the challenge, TransPerfect developed a step-by-step solution that would overcome these barriers and successfully meet the client’s end goals.

      GlobalLink: A holistic solution

      TransPerfect immersed itself in the regions, taking an in-depth look at all key aspects of their work – including their systems and governance – and undertaking research into target markets. By the time this sizeable task was completed, it was clear how resources were being utilised, and what was working and what wasn't in every Western Digital company in the world.

      This knowledge was used to build a complete digital marketing ecosystem road map, which involved the integration of several core technologies. But how could this multi-faceted and highly sophisticated system be optimised, managed and secured?

      At the centre of our solution was the GlobalLink system. GlobalLink is a proprietary platform offered by both Semantix and TransPerfect, used for translating and centralising global content and integrating it with e-commerce, Content Management Systems (CMS), marketing automation, Product Information Management (PIM) PIM) and database platforms, so global businesses can easily and effectively manage a variety of multilingual content and resources.

      A flourishing outcome

      Working with 16 languages on 20 sites, the global system launched successfully across all regions simultaneously.

      GlobalLink presented the workforce with new collaborative possibilities, allowing content to be created in any location, then localised, optimised and delivered to every market in the world via a unified content matrix.

      Crucially, GlobalLink didn’t try to replace a disparate and disconnected environment with an inflexible, top-down one. In order to drive personalisation, the system is local as well as global, and inclusive with information flowing in all directions throughout the global network. This allowed the system to learn and understand the desires and behaviours of individuals in every corner of the planet, which enables Western Digital to build a more direct relationship with every one of its customers.

      The GlobalLink way of working had an almost immediate impact on Western Digital’s bottom line:

      • 22% increase in revenue.
      • 400% increase in ecommerce conversion.

      The numbers speak for themselves.

      As Semantix is part of the TransPerfect family of companies, it gives us access to a vast range of enterprise services that, among many other benefits, can help you unlock the power of precision-targeted global content delivery for your business. To find out more, contact Semantix now.

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