Lavazza case study: Enhancing worldwide customer engagement

Italian coffee retailer, Lavazza, leverages digital as more than just an e-commerce and advertising channel; it’s a means to establish personal connections with existing and prospective customers. To achieve this on a worldwide scale, Lavazza turned to Semantix’s parent company, TransPerfect.

This case study explores Lavazza’s journey, emphasising its strategic partnership with TransPerfect, showcasing how this collaboration has elevated Lavazza’s customer engagement in the competitive coffee retail industry. As part of the TransPerfect family, Semantix collaborates and shares expertise across a wide spectrum of specialist companies.

Lavazza: A global coffee-culture challenge

Scaling up Lavazza’s personalised digital marketing content to a global scale required several challenges to be overcome.

First, the company had to ensure its technological infrastructure supported the necessary scalability and customisation, relying on advanced content management systems and robust data analytics tools.

Adapting content to diverse cultures and languages presented another multifaceted challenge. Misinterpretations or cultural insensitivity can harm a brand, necessitating linguistic translation and a deep understanding of cultural nuances. In addition, different regions have varying data privacy regulations. Strict compliance with these rules, while collecting and using customer data, is essential to avoid legal and reputational risks.

Maintaining coherence in personalised content across various digital channels (websites, social media, email, mobile apps etc.) is vital. Inconsistencies can lead to a fragmented customer experience, undermining the effectiveness of the company’s marketing efforts.

A universal solution

The solution began with a comprehensive analysis of Lavazza’s operations and global target markets. Leveraging this insight, a robust global digital marketing plan was developed, which hinged on the integration of several pivotal technologies.

Central to the plan was the implementation of the GlobalLink system. GlobalLink is an exclusive platform, offered by both Semantix and TransPerfect, created to translate and centralise global content. By integrating harmoniously with existing technology, it empowers global enterprises to oversee a diverse range of multilingual content and resources.

A caffeine-boost of an outcome

The implementation of GlobalLink in conjunction with Adobe Experience Manager and SAP Commerce Cloud yielded remarkable results for Lavazza, including:

  • Centralised and streamlined content creation, management and publishing in 37 languages across 45 markets;
  • Improved customer engagement, with content delivered in preferred languages;
  • A 47% reduction of localisation costs;
  • Accelerated content turnaround times and market responsiveness.

As a result of these changes, Lavazza’s global leadership in the coffee industry has been reinforced and put on track for a successful future.

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