Language as a strategic asset: The role of language for reaching new markets

Rototilt Group AB is a global company with subsidiaries in North America and Europe. The company is based in the North of Sweden with R&D and production in the town of Vindeln. From there they serve their markets with the world-leading tiltrotator system, transforming excavators into efficient tool carriers.

Excavator equipped with a tiltrotator

Being established on global markets, it’s crucial to ensure local presence and relevance by using local languages. Their products are unique and specialised, requiring communication to be likewise. With Semantix, they translate market texts, such as web content and brochures, but also technical documentation and manuals requiring high language accuracy.

Language is a must-have for our organisation and we need to be multilingual. We develop and sell completely new products for the market and it’s therefore very important that these are understood correctly. It places high demands on the translators.

The collaboration with Semantix is long-established and has evolved to include more technology and value-adding linguistic services such as terminology management and translation validation to enhance the language production processes. Rototilt Group is also an early adopter of language technology solutions. For its website application, Episerver, they use Semantix’s AutoConnect Episerver solution, a connector plugin that allows them to send and retrieve translatable content to and from Semantix without leaving the Episerver environment.

It’s efficient. We don’t need to copy-paste anymore and can work within the same system. It eliminates the human error of incorrect insertion, and is a tremendous help for the web editors when handling foreign languages.

In addition to working with AutoConnect Episerver for web localisation, the Rototilt Group users work in Semantix Language Hub for other translation jobs. Language Hub has given them a better overview of its projects, and access to language services from one single base independent of content type.

“Language Hub is easy to use and we see potential to increase our usage, for example to access our terminology and translation memories.”

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The collaboration between Rototilt Group and Semantix continues to evolve.

“It’s reassuring to work with Semantix. We’re in close contact with our project manager at Semantix to communicate on specific translation projects. Whenever there’s something we need help with, we quickly get directed to the right person.”

Rototilt Group’s demand for language and language services is likely to increase. It’s becoming more important to have targeted and localised content, whether it’s marketing texts or technical manuals.

Its within new markets we see growth. We see an increase in exports, bringing more products and materials, requiring more translation and new languages.”