Heineken® case study: From live action to localised video in under 30 minutes!

When world-class brewer Heineken wanted video content to be localised for different regions around the world at high speed, it turned to Semantix’s parent company, TransPerfect, to develop the global, time-saving solution. As part of the TransPerfect family, Semantix can collaborate and share services and expertise with a wide range of specialist companies.

Heineken: An audio-visual challenge

Heineken is known for its association with top sporting events like Formula One™ and the UEFA Champions League. The company needed to adapt pre- and post-event video content from these occasions, and it required a fast turnaround of less than 30 minutes following the final whistle or chequered flag. It partnered with TransPerfect, whose core skills are the perfect match to overcome geographical, technological and linguistic barriers at speed.

A high-speed solution

To facilitate having the content ready in less than half an hour after the end of an event, TransPerfect chose to pre-translate all the potential outcomes. The team then disseminated the localised videos globally via five social networks. Collaborating with four agencies, TransPerfect ensured the timely and accurate delivery, enabling Heineken’s local markets to publish content in sync with event outcomes.

A market-leading outcome

  • A total of 9,500 digital assets were distributed on time, exceeding local benchmarks for Cost Per Thousand (CPM).
  • The content reached 277 million UEFA Champions League fans and 168 million Formula One fans worldwide.

By collaborating with Heineken and multiple agency partners, and generating results that exceeded expectations, TransPerfect’s solution was as satisfying as the company’s famous beer!

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