HPE case study: Restructuring and content management on a global scale

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) specialises in business technology solutions, such as servers and storage. It manages a vast array of content across 25 business programmes handling, among other things, around 8,000 job submissions each year and approximately 7,000,000 words of content translation. This diverse content spans marketing materials, websites, legal documents, internal notifications, support resources and knowledge bases. So, when the company needed to restructure its entire global content management system, HPE turned to Semantix’s parent company, TransPerfect. Being part of the TransPerfect family allows Semantix to engage in collaborative efforts and exchange services and expertise with a diverse array of specialists.


      HPE: A multi-faceted challenge

      HPE had several key objectives in mind. It aimed to simplify the management of all content, streamline translation processes, enhance data management capabilities and foster a strong and collaborative partnership with its service provider.

      A seamless solution

      The solution centred around GlobalLink, a proprietary platform offered by both Semantix and TransPerfect, designed to revolutionise global content management. GlobalLink effortlessly integrates with essential components including e-commerce, Content Management Systems (CMS), marketing automation tools, Product Information Management (PIM) systems and databases, enabling enterprises to efficiently oversee diverse multilingual content and resources.

      TransPerfect worked with HPE to integrate GlobalLink with seven CMSs and partnered with 12 language vendors to reduce operational costs. The primary goal was to consolidate vendors and TMSs while streamlining translation processes for increased efficiency.

      The success of the solution was bolstered by a close partnership with HPE characterised by responsive support, proactive planning and flexibility in accommodating changes and requests.

      A future-ready outcome

      GlobalLink's integration with multiple CMSs has led to significant productivity boosts, reduced turnaround times and a notable decrease in manual project manager interventions at HPE. This integration has streamlined content management processes efficiently.

      The system's web page visualisation feature has improved efficiency and content quality by providing clear context for translators and reviewers. Predefined reports now enable HPE to effectively monitor critical business metrics such as word counts, language usage and project-specific data, facilitating data-driven decision making.

      HPE's vision for the future includes migrating vendors online to streamline workflows, enhancing data collection, and cutting costs. Further, quality management will expand, incorporating neural machine translation (NMT) and data-driven strategies to reduce translation and review expenses. Query management will assume a pivotal role in providing better control and insights, while an internal quote management system will improve financial efficiency.

      In summary, GlobalLink's implementation at HPE has improved current operations and set the stage for future advancements, positioning HPE for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in content management.

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