Staying global: Finding the right partner for localisation

As a leading manufacturer of hearing solutions, Widex operates in markets across the globe. This requires frequent management of translations of everything from marketing to user manuals, app and software content. Its website exists in 81 localised versions, and the demand for an efficient translation process is key.

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“Semantix is an ideal language partner for us, as they have a big network of translators available. That secures the scalability we rely on, and it guarantees us the best possible turnaround times for translation.”

The localisation part alone is only a small part of the overall processes for Widex, which need local sign-off for most content in the markets, where it operates.

“Semantix helps us facilitate this. Not just by coordinating it with the local market representatives, but also through allowing for and taking on the role as stand-in, trained hearing-aid experts, themselves. This has helped us shorten our time to market.”

And then there is the technology side of things. Back in 2017 when Widex and Semantix started working together, Widex had invested in a costly offline TMS system which was not ideal to support their localisation processes. Widex needed a partner with an extensive technical know-how, a partner able to connect the dots of its global organisation and structures, and Semantix met those needs.

“At Widex, we wanted an advanced TMS system that would not only allow for sharing of multilingual assets, but also something we could use for automated integration with the various systems and applications we have in place internally. Semantix helped us achieve this”.

Semantix partnered up with Widex on this solution from idea to full implementation. It has since then been supported by a combination of services within multilingual workflow management, technological and linguistic consulting and localisation services.

When Widex merged with Sivantos in late 2018 to form WS Audiology A/S, the need for localisation virtually doubled overnight. They felt confident that Semantix would also be a good fit for the joint company’s future localisation journey.

“Semantix was chosen as our joint, preferred partner for localisation, and they have continued to deliver proven know-how, technology and scalable solutions. We have no doubt Semantix will be the best fit to take us where we want to go in the future.”

Are you looking for the right localisation partner?