Pfizer case study: Bringing e-learning to global healthcare providers

When pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation Pfizer required an online learning portal for a multinational, multicultural and multilingual audience, they trusted Semantix’s parent company, TransPerfect, to develop a seamless global solution. As part of the TransPerfect family, Semantix is able to collaborate and share services and expertise with a wide range of specialist companies.


      Pfizer: A global learning challenge

      Pfizer's global reach extends to healthcare professionals (HCPs) in a multitude of markets. Their mission is to enhance healthcare quality worldwide, with a particular focus on emerging regions.

      In pursuit of this mission, Pfizer wanted to establish an online learning platform to empower HCPs globally and foster improved patient outcomes through tailored educational resources.

      The content would need to cover a wide range of topics and be accessible online via multiple devices. Bridging geographical and technological divides while maintaining user-friendliness and data security was a challenge that perfectly suited TransPerfect’s core skills.

      A bespoke solution

      Collaborating with Pfizer's Medical Information teams, TransPerfect's Learning Consultants embarked on a journey to craft a bespoke, user-friendly digital learning curriculum. Anchored by a steadfast commitment to learner engagement and accessibility, the team developed 26 unique learning modules and 12 teaser videos. This comprehensive content package was then translated into three languages.

      The resulting global learning ecosystem, Partner4Better, was strategically positioned to reach healthcare providers across more than 50 nations – empowering professionals worldwide and enhancing patient care on a global scale.

      A transformative outcome

      Over the course of a dynamic three-year partnership, Pfizer's global learning programme, Partner4Better, has:

      1. Empowered healthcare professionals across the globe, enabling them to enhance patient outcomes through the delivery of pertinent educational content.
      2. Extended its reach to a global audience. Diverse languages are no longer a barrier to accessing healthcare knowledge.
      3. Provided HCPs with enriching learning modules that help them remain at the forefront of medical knowledge.

      Pfizer's collaborative efforts with the TransPerfect team have yielded substantial outcomes, reinforcing Pfizer's commitment to global health equity and improved patient care. To discover how your business can reap the rewards of our extensive set of enterprise solutions, contact Semantix now.

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