An optimised content journey

These days your journey towards localised content isn’t just about the words themselves, it’s as much about the turnaround time for the entire job.

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Time to market is a huge factor in the success of any product, brand or service, and delays can lead to missed time slots, increased logistics costs, not to mention maintaining your edge over the competition.

Content with consistency and clarity

At some stage in the life of your business, there have been a degree of internal resources that have been utilised for local or regional content. Someone in accounts speaks Spanish, or you know someone who knows someone… It’s a viable way to save a bit of cash from time to time, however in the long run it rarely turns out that way.

Translation and copy-editing is rarely the sole profession of the ‘friend of a friend’, which means a project is not receiving the full attention it deserves nor do you get the level of customer to provider service that makes all the difference. Deadlines normally fall by the wayside and, before you know it, you’re left searching for another avenue to try and pick up the slack.

As a result, while you may initially save a little money, you end up with a situation that doesn’t scale. You also face a scenario where your consistency of messaging suffers because your content is always being translated by numerous individuals without proper briefing about tonality and your own terminology.

One solution is a Professional External Review (PER). Specially trained Semantix linguists function as your ‘market proofers’, communicating with local market teams to become your linguistic spokespeople. Alternatively, bring the entire translation and localisation package to Semantix and take advantage of a host of other benefits and solutions.

Copy, paste, delete, repeat

Humans are natural problem solvers, it’s in our DNA, but we’re also naturally prone to simple errors here and there. In the world of language, one of the most problematic contributing factors affecting time to market is that of errors when exporting or importing content into your apps, digital platforms or websites. Plus the actions required to extract and insert content is rarely as simple as copy and paste, with many tedious steps involved.

If you’re honest, it would be great to avoid the whole process, and the advent of connectors now means that these kinds of bumps in the road are no longer an issue when you’re working with a partner like Semantix. A simple phone call with a Semantix solutions architect will give you a roadmap to a life where you’ll never have to bother with this process again. Time back in your hands.

Big picture thinking

You invest time and money into your business, brands and products, but for a moment ask yourself how much you invest in the language you use when speaking to your markets? And whether that investment gives you a result you can measure and use to improve your time to market?

As mentioned at the beginning, it’s not just the speed of the translation turnaround that’s important, it’s whether the processes and workflows on either side are optimised as well.

Each Semantix partner has an ongoing dialogue and analysis of areas which can be faster, smoother and more effective, with a collective goal of making a harmonious, holistic translation journey from A-Z.

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