Saving time with the right partner for localisation

At Kundo, coordinating freelance translators was too time-consuming. They thus decided to seek out a partner who could provide them with a complete solution.

Woman with headset working with multilingual customer service

Swedish Kundo was founded in 2010, and currently employs 45 members of staff. Kundo offers solutions for efficient digital customer service based on cloud-based tools. Their customers include Nordic companies, authorities, and non-profit organisations. Björn Lilja is Head of Customer Experience and one of the founders of Kundo.

The company previously worked with freelancers who translated the texts into their respective languages, meaning one contact person per language. Over time, they realised that not only was coordinating the translators time-consuming, but the translations also lacked the sufficient quality. This meant that the local staff had to spend considerable time post-editing the translations. Kundo considered hiring a translation agency instead, but worried about costs as well as losing the personal connection to the translators.

We eventually elected to work with a translation agency and took to googling; comparing a couple of agencies and ordering sample translations. Semantix gave the overall best impression, and that was the start of our collaboration, Björn concludes.

Kundo now orders all their translations through the cloud-based platform Semantix Language Hub. Using the platform gives the company a better overview of the projects, as well as access to all language services in one place, regardless of content type.

Ordering translations through Semantix Language Hub means a seamless workflow, eliminating the time spent on chasing after and managing translators. In addition, quality has increased. Semantix is our localisation partner for all of our texts and we are very happy about our collaboration.

A large share of Kundo’s material for translation consists of blog posts and other types of content marketing – an area where communicating in the customer’s language is important. 2021 sees another language and a new market added when the company establishes itself in Finland. And once again, Semantix will play an important role when working towards the launch.

Looking for a long-term partner?