Technical translations

When it comes to technical and scientific translations, there’s no subject we can’t handle. As the largest translation agency in the Nordic countries and with more than 50 years’ experience, we have the biggest network of expert translators in technical fields.

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A skilled project manager will find the best match between you the customer, the translator and your target group. At Semantix, our translators are specialised in many technical areas and guarantee high-quality translations in line with ISO 9001: 2015 and EN15038: 2006.

A technical translation demands that the translator is precise throughout, uses the right terms and is thoroughly familiar with the context. It is also very important that the translator of a technical text transfers and conveys the cultural aspects.

Why choose Semantix?

We didn’t become the biggest in the Nordic countries out of the blue. Here are some reasons to pick us.

✔ We have a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

✔ We are ISO-certified.

✔ We offer translation into and out of every language.

✔ We offer technical translations carried out by translators specialised in the field.

✔ We offer certified translations.

✔ Our translators have signed confidentiality agreements.

✔ We offer express delivery.

✔ We offer integration and technical solutions to automate translation flows.

Want to order a technical translation?

We translate a wide range of technical documents


  • websites
  • texts about technology, electronics and machinery, etc.
  • brochures
  • presentations
  • diagrams
  • technical manuals
  • annual reports
  • product information
  • PIM systems
  • tender documentation
  • tenders
  • legal documents
  • patents
  • catalogues
  • technical specifications
  • product manuals
  • electronic manuals
  • instructions
  • professional training manuals
  • safety manuals
  • user manuals
  • technical proposals
  • research and development reports
  • scientific reports
  • product data sheets
  • technical data sheets
  • white papers.

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